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A Limited Edition Spicy Romance Collection – 22 Hot Reads #RapidPulse #Preorder #99cents #KU

A Limited Edition Spicy Romance Collection – 22 Hot Reads #RapidPulse #Preorder #99cents #KU

I’m delighted that my brand-new menage a trois story, Breaking the Rules, is included in the Rapid Pulse Romance Collection, a sexy anthology from Naughty Nights Press that includes 22 sizzling stories designed to get your pulse racing!

Pre-order available now at the special price of only 99 cents!

A Limited Edition Spicy Romance Collection
Available #FREE in Kindle Unlimited
Limited Edition
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Featuring New York Times, USA Today, and International Bestselling Authors, Rapid Pulse is a sizzling, diverse collection of hetero and same sex romance reads crafted to launch your heartbeat into high gear and drive your senses wild.

This collection’s hot and sexy alphas know just how to send your pulse rate rising. Grab something cool and click now to dive in.

Warning: The Rapid Pulse authors are not responsible for damaged pacemakers. Please read responsibly.



TWO New Releases – one sexy, one erotic… take your pick! #billionaire or #bondage #romance

TWO New Releases – one sexy, one erotic… take your pick! #billionaire or #bondage #romance

A few days ago I shared my first new release as Jen Katemi. Today I have two more new releases – another from Jen Katemi and one as Jennifer Lynne. What an action-packed week!


First up is my novella TEMPT by Jen Katemi, out now in the FALLING FOR THE BILLIONAIRE BOXED SET. This sexy (not erotic) romance is about two former lovers who took very different paths in life, and are now reconnecting several years on. I LOVE this story, and I hope you do, too. The advantage is… you also get 12 other fabulous billionaire romances by bestselling and award-winning authors, including May Sage, Kristen Lamb, Fiona Miers and K.N. Lee among other talented writers.

Please check out the set – at $0.99 (for release week only) this is a wonderful bargain. Be quick and grab your copy before the price goes up in a couple of days.




I’m also delighted to announce that the first in my FORBIDDEN series, ALPHA SUBMISSIVE by Jennifer Lynne, releases today. Yes, this one is very erotic, but it also features an unexpected romance that makes Ava and Roane’s story one of my personal favorites.

When a driven, alpha woman is forced by circumstance to participate in a shibari rope display, her inner submissive is unleashed in ways she never imagined possible.

ALPHA SUBMISSIVE is listed at $0.99 for this week only, so if you haven’t yet got your copy, now is the time to click and buy!





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Free eBook – Claim EDUCATING ETHAN via #InstaFreebie #Romance

Free eBook – Claim EDUCATING ETHAN via #InstaFreebie #Romance

EducatingEthan200For the next two weeks, I’m offering a FREE copy of my sexy romance eBook, EDUCATING ETHAN, to those who sign up for my newsletter. Want to claim your copy? Visit InstaFreebie to download your preferred file – MOBI for Kindle, EPUB or PDF. This offer is only valid until Oct 18, 2016, so don’t delay – grab your copy today.

If you’re already subscribed to my newsletter you won’t miss out as I’ll be offering the same opportunity in my next issue, to download your copy of EDUCATING ETHAN (that’s only fair, right?!) Plus, I’ll have the usual randomly selected subscriber giveaways – in the upcoming issue these will include a beautiful set of crystal cat earrings, paperback books and stationery sets.

Sound good? This is definitely a great time to sign-up if you haven’t already!

So, back to EDUCATING ETHAN. Here’s a little more about this sexy romance novella…

Ida’s new life and success in her catering career has helped overcome a painful divorce. When the much younger Ethan moves in across the street, an innocent flirtation quickly becomes serious when the two realize their age difference is no barrier to all-consuming passion.

Ethan is the exact opposite of what Ida needs. He is young and vibrant, with his life and dreams still ahead of him, whereas hers are all in the past. Can Ethan, who is fighting his own demons, convince Ida to overcome the past and live for the moment?

Or will this so-called “cougar” take what she needs and escape before her heart is broken for a second time?

This sexy romance novella is a re-release of a previously published eBook. This edition contains several expanded scenes.


What they’re saying on Goodreads about EDUCATING ETHAN:

“some truly electrifying chemistry makes Educating Ethan one of Jennifer Lynne’s most exciting reads.” ~ Reviewed by AusRom Today

“an uplifting story that is impassioned and engaging.” ~ Reviewed by Sandy S.

“a short, feel good story of living in the moment and trusting that whatever happens in the future, you can embrace it willingly with no regrets.” ~ Reviewed by Karen R.

“Really sexy and really lovely.” ~ Reviewed by Dorothy B.


Read an excerpt from EDUCATING ETHAN HERE.

Claim your copy of EDUCATING ETHAN here >>> InstaFreebie.

Sexy Magic #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors

Sexy Magic #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors

My Sexy Saturday Page Header #3Welcome to My Sexy Saturday, a blog hop where writers post either seven words, seven sentences or seven paragraphs from their published work or work-in-progress. This week’s theme is “Sexy Magic” and I’m delighted to share a snippet from Heart’s Destiny.

In this erotic romance, Eve’s quest to uncover her past leaves no time for love, until a prediction from a mysterious fortune-teller leads to the seductive Ky Ransom and a destiny that could make—or break—both their hearts. Sexy magic indeed!

Heart's Destiny - Outback 200

His thumbs drew circles on the side of her breasts and she broke off their kiss, this time with a whimper that sounded pitiful, even to her own ears. “I’ve never wanted anyone as much as I want you, Ky. And I don’t even know why.”

“I feel the same. It’s like an addiction.”

Outside the window, a blanket of white gave the impression that Cavanagh Cottage stood alone in the center of a mist-filled universe. A world that contained only two people. Her and Ky.

Inside, the air was rife with energy. The same super-charged effect she got when an electrical storm was about to erupt. A fire was building, both physically within the grate, and metaphorically in the heat of anticipation.

Are we going to get burned, doing this again? She shook her head, trying to clear it. Trying to find the common sense she usually displayed in life.

What would you do right now, Sarah Cavanagh? Is this what it felt like, when you and Gentleman Joe were alone, without the censure of those around you getting in the way? Is this what it feels like, to let someone in to your heart? Pure. Like fire, branding your soul and marking you as theirs, forever.

Yes. The answer was like an echo through time, embedded in the stone walls surrounding them. Was it Sarah? Or the silver-eyed Rasa? Or perhaps it was all in her own mind. Either way, it didn’t matter. Unlike last time, when she wanted to block everything out bar physical release, this time she wanted to make love with Ky in a way that was completely different. This time she wanted to be fully present in the moment.

Want to read more? You can buy Heart’s Destiny at any of these eBook retailers:

Amazon US  /  Amazon UK  /  Amazon AU  /  All Romance eBooks  /  Apple iTunes  /  Barnes & Noble

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Readers and authors beware – this could happen to you!

Readers and authors beware – this could happen to you!

Readers – what if you saw a new release from an erotic romance author you like and purchased it, only to discover that author didn’t write it, and that what you bought was, in fact, erotica or even porn?

Authors – what if another person suddenly started publishing erotica under the same name as you, and mysteriously, their books kept being attached to your Goodreads author profile? What if a search of your name on book retailer sites started showing your books intermingled with the other author’s books, in a way that looked as if you had written them all?

I’m not quite sure where to start with what’s happened this week, so I’ll just plow right in. On Monday night I went to my Goodreads author profile to check one of my book links for an upcoming blog post, and I discovered that, since Aug 29 2016 (just over a week ago), there is a writer out there publishing erotica with the name Jennifer Lynne. That’s NOT me, and those are NOT books I want associated with my name or brand.

With the help of a Goodreads librarian I had the book removed from my author profile. Two days later another one was attached to my profile. I had it removed. Again.

On checking the various retailer sites, I discovered that a search for my books often brings up both of our books, intermingled. If I click one of her books, my books show as “other books by this author”, and vice versa. Not okay. I contacted both Amazon KDP and Smashwords as I was concerned that BOTH of our readerships would be confused about whose book they were actually buying at any given time. I wanted our two profiles untangled, so to speak, for everyone’s benefit. Smashwords offered to write to one of the retailers on my behalf and alert them to the issue (though they indicated this would be unlikely to effect change as the other party had not published through them). KDP’s response was to suggest I change my name.

What? After seven years as a published author, why should I have to change my name? Even if I do, what is to stop this happening again, with the new name? Does it mean there is literally no protection for an author who spends years building up a strong “brand” in a particular genre – in my case sexy and erotic romance? I’ve worked incredibly hard trying to demonstrate the difference between erotic romance and erotica or porn, and yes… there is a difference!

Bestselling author Sylvia Day explains it perfectly in this blog post. It’s an old post, but the definitions in my view are still relevant and clearly delineated.

Is it legal to use the same author name as someone else? I believe so. Is it legal to publish erotica? I believe so. Is it legal to publish porn? I have no idea, but even if it is, it isn’t okay when a newly published author’s books somehow start to appear on an already established author’s various profiles out there on the “net”. It isn’t okay when that newly published author’s books start to blur the established author’s “brand”.

Speaking in a more general sense and not specifically to my situation, does this mean anyone can come in and start “piggybacking” off someone else’s author brand by setting themselves up with the same name? If so, is there any protection for an author if that happens, bar the expensive route of first trademarking the name, and then taking the offender to court? The duo writing as Alexa Riley did that, and won. Here’s their post, and a copy of the court ruling, if you’re interested.

But… if you can’t afford to take that route, what do you do?

I’m devastated by what has happened. My first erotic romance title was published with Red Sage back in December 2009. Since then, I’ve had fifteen titles published (a mix of traditional and indie), and I like to believe I’ve started to establish myself as a romance author first and foremost – yes, I write super-hot, sometimes kinky sex – but all of my stories are either sexy romance or erotic romance (not erotica). All feature a romantic relationship and happy-ever-after or potential-for-happy-ever-after endings. I don’t want to be associated with book titles that are not mine, and that don’t reflect my brand of sexy/erotic romance.

To that end, I’ve included a complete list of my book titles on my website home page, and I also include the same list here: Jennifer Lynne Romance Books (PDF, 578 KB). I will update this list on my home page whenever I have a new book title – and of course all of my books are featured on my website, so if you’re ever unsure, please check there.

I encourage all of my readers to be aware that this situation can, and does, happen.

Equally, I encourage all writers to be aware and vigilant – our author names are our brand and our reputation.

Photo credit: © Vadimgozhda | – Young Woman Photo


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Interview with debut romance author @DoraBramden

Interview with debut romance author @DoraBramden

A Dance With The Laird CoverToday I’m delighted to catch up with Dora Bramden to discuss her brand-new indie release, A Dance with the Laird. This sexy contemporary romance – featuring a hot Scottish laird, no less! – won the prestigious Romance Writers of Australia Emerald Award in 2013, and it’s out now at Amazon.

Welcome Dora! Can you share a little about your journey to publication? When did you decide you wanted to be a writer?

I bought a computer when I was home with babies and began writing a romance novel. It wasn’t until they were finishing school that I went back to study a professional writing course. I then joined Romance Writers of Australia (RWA) and Melbourne Romance Writers Guild (MRWG) and kept working on my craft. I actually finished a book and began another one. I remember how great it felt to be able to say I’ve written a book.

Tell us about the Romance Writers of Australia Emerald competition and what it meant to win this prestigious award.

A Dance with the Laird was the second book I finished. I put it into the Emerald award without expectation and was thrilled beyond belief when it won. It gave me a huge confidence boost and took me from thinking of myself as a romance writer hobbyist to viewing myself as an author.

Why did you decide to go indie/self-publish A Dance with the Laird?

I’d tried to find a home for it with the bigger, short, sexy, publishers, but it didn’t quite fit anywhere. Then I became really ill and nearly died. I had a change of heart about it all. I decided to back myself and put the novel, so close to my heart, out there for others to enjoy. Why wait when life can be short?

Tell us more about your new release.

A Dance with the Laird began as a germ of an idea sparked while travelling in the UK. I got lost while driving to Jane Austen’s house and a kind man in a village pub led me back to the freeway. Being a writer I started to think about wouldn’t it have been wonderful if…

Although I wrote Natalie and Angus’s story before I became ill, I have since been on a similar journey to finding love. Natalie is overcoming a major trauma in her life, and Angus is questioning who he is and what he can expect from life. In coming together they challenge each other to reach for what they truly want and in doing so become true to who they really are.

What’s next on the writing horizon for you?

The next book in the Baxter sister series will be my next release. Natalie’s ballerina sister, Katrina Baxter, has been secretly married to an Italian racing car driver. The title of the book is The Rinaldo Heir so that gives you a clue. 🙂

How do you balance writing with other aspects of your life?

I like to write during ‘9 to 5’ office hours on the days I’m at home. That way I can enjoy being with my partner after work. But if he falls asleep on the couch watching TV, I’ll sneak off to the office and put down a few more words.

What’s your favorite time management tip?

I’m not great at time management. Give me a deadline, and I’m able to push everything aside and get it done. I have to plan to write and decide how much before I begin. When I want to push my chair back and go eat a snack because I’m stuck, I check the word count so far and make myself stay until I reach it.

What do you like best about being a writer? What do you like the least?

I love the time spent in my created world with people I’ve made up. I love hanging out with other authors and talking about writing. I really find proofreading the hardest thing. The desire to be creative makes me wants to change everything and rewrite, but at this point I’m not making it better, just different so I have to resist.

If you had one piece of advice for aspiring authors, what would it be?

Professional development is the key to writing. We are all so creative and have brilliant ideas, but getting them out of your head and onto paper requires writing craft skills.

Blurb for A Dance with the Laird

Forbidden passion begins in a dance with the Laird. Australian event organizer, Natalie Baxter, is on assignment in the UK. She’s striving to build a new life after losing her husband and unborn child in a horrific car accident. Unable to conceive again she’s organizing fundraising events to help the world’s most vulnerable children. This is to be her future life’s work but her philanthropist client, Lord Angus McLaren, stirs her heart once more in a dance which undermines her new life plan.

Angus needs to keep his heart on ice. His last attempt at making a life with his brother’s widow ended in divorce. This time around he’ll marry for practical reasons and produce a blue blood heir for his family estate. The work of his Foundation for orphans in the third world must be secured for the future, but Natalie, the only woman he can think about spending his life with can’t give him a child of his own. Can he put aside a succession that goes back five hundred years, find a way to secure the future of his foundation, and have his heart’s desire?


The hotel room key card trembled in Natalie’s fingers as she tried unsuccessfully to place it in the slot. Angus stood close behind her. The heat of his body enveloped her. His desire for her pressed against her. His breath warmed her neck and shoulder sending shivers of anticipation down her back. Knowing the passion that would be unleashed once inside her room did nothing to calm her. She tried to insert the key card one more time but it slithered in her fingers and missed the slot again. Angus took the card and in one swift movement pushed it into the slot and retracted it. The green light lit and the buzzer sounded for them to enter.

As the door closed behind them, Angus dipped his head and captured her waiting mouth. Natalie’s pashmina slipped to the floor. Heaven descended and she pressed her body against his.

Now she could let every bit of pent-up need have its way. She wanted to become one with Angus. Hungrily he kissed her, plunging his tongue into her mouth and making her shiver all over with thrills of icy heat. She stood on her tip toes so they touched hip to hip. His hands gripped her bottom and pulled her in close. The bulge in his jeans pressed firmly against her.

Natalie’s fingers speared through his hair. No longer shaking, they explored new ground. She wanted him. She wanted him this one night. No one knew what tomorrow might bring. The last year had taught her that life could change in one devastating second. The ache in her heart had grown quiet. This one night she would fall heart and soul into Angus. She was alive: not cold and buried with the dead.

Connect with Dora Bramden here:









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Who’s your sexy crush? #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #transgender

Who’s your sexy crush? #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #transgender

My Sexy Saturday Page Header #3Welcome to this week’s My Sexy Saturday. The theme is My Sexy Crush… and I have to admit to a huge soft spot in my heart for Himeros & Gina from my transgender romance, Aphrodite Calling. Himeros is the sexy Greek god of sexual desire, and he’s met his love match in Gina, a post-surgery transsexual woman who has had a difficult path in life and is only just beginning to embrace her true self. I LOVE these two together – I have a crush on them both!

Here are my sexy seven paragraphs (18+ only) from Aphrodite Calling:

Jennifer Lynne Aphrodite Calling CoverAlready dark with the rush of blood pulsing beneath its thin membrane of skin, Him’s cock called to her with its need. He stepped forward and pressed the end of it to the window, leaving a kiss of moisture where it touched, and his boldness encouraged her. She stepped forward too, right up onto the window ledge, gripping with her bare toes and balancing herself as she pressed hot breasts against the cool glass and tilted her pelvis to show off her slit.

“Wait.” His command halted her, but then he was stepping in behind her, reaching around to spread her labia just a little wider before pushing her even harder against the glass. “Show them how much woman you are,” he whispered in her ear.

She giggled and dropped her head back into the crook of his neck, still looking out at the night. “I am woman,” she said.

“I don’t hear you roaring.”

I am woman!” Her sudden scream fogged the glass and she felt the rumbling in his chest as he laughed.

“That’s better,” he said. “Makes me want to fuck you all the harder.”

She lifted up her arms and placed her hands on the window, spread eagle in a star-shape with Himeros molding his body to her rear. Never had she felt more alive than in this moment, right now, looking out from what seemed like the top of the world, surrounded by the essence of love, and desire, and need. Framed by a man, and proclaiming her womanhood to everyone.

Would you like to read more? Aphrodite Calling is available from these eBook retailers:

Amazon US  /  Amazon AU  /  Amazon UK  (Kindle)  /  All Romance  (Kindle, EPUB, PDF)

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Debut #book release – Cassandra O’Leary @AvonBooksUK #SexyRomance

Debut #book release – Cassandra O’Leary @AvonBooksUK #SexyRomance

GirlOnAPlane_cover_July2016Today I’m delighted to feature an interview with my friend and fellow Melbourne Romance Writer’s Guild (MRWG) member, Cassandra O’Leary, author of debut novel from Avon Maze, Girl on a Plane.

Welcome Cassandra! Tell us what you’ve written.

So far, I’ve written two complete novels and several partials (in the ‘ideas file’) and a few short stories. My first published work was a 9,000 word short story/novelette, Chocolate Truffle Kiss, in a romance anthology published by my awesome writing group, the Melbourne Romance Writers Guild. The anthology is titled Sweet and Spicy – a celebration of romance. It’s now available to purchase from Amazon as an e-book and in exciting news, it will soon be available as a print edition!

My debut novel has just taken off on 18 July! Girl on a Plane is a contemporary romance/romantic comedy that’s steamy, sexy and sassy, about an Irish flight attendant named Sinead, who meets a gruff and gorgeous Aussie CEO, Gabriel, in first class. Their Melbourne to London flight is diverted when a storm hits in mid-air, and they find themselves thrown together in a hotel in Singapore. What follows could be a one-night stand, or maybe something else entirely.

I received a publishing contract for Girl on a Plane after winning the global We Heart New Talent contest run by HarperCollins UK in 2015. That was a thrill! I’m hoping that HarperCollins UK will also be interested in my next novel, Dating Little Miss Perfect. That’s close to completion, so wish me luck…

Over the past couple of years, I’ve also been a finalist in the 2014 First Kiss contest run by Romance Writers of Australia and the 2015 Lone Star contest run by the Northwest Houston Romance Writers of America.

Where do your ideas come from?

When I started writing Girl on a Plane, I found inspiration in the places I’d travelled to personally, some of which are featured in the book: Melbourne (my home city), Singapore, London, Paris and Thailand. I also have a family member who is an ex flight attendant, and some of her stories stuck in my mind. I was interested in the idea of writing about someone whose home was the entire world, but nowhere, at the same time. If you are always in transit, it can be hard to form friendships and relationships.

I also love romantic comedy movies, and once I started writing, those influences flooded into my work. In Girl on a Plane, you might spot references to Love Actually, When Harry Met Sally and maybe more.

Give us an insight into your main character. What does she do that is so special?

My main character in Girl on a Plane, is Irish flight attendant, Sinead. She’s 26 years old and has been working for the (fictional) Mermaid Airlines for five years. At the start of the book, we meet Sinead on board a flight to London, going through the motions of a silly dance to the airline’s theme song. She’s getting tired of the routine and the constant travel, even though she plasters on a pretty smile.

I suppose what’s special about Sinead is that she’s quirky and funny, resilient and much tougher than her glamorous exterior might suggest. Without giving away any spoilers, she’s had family issues and an ex-boyfriend stalking her, and some of these issues come back to cause trouble during the course of the book. More of her background and the reasons for her hesitant reaction to the hero become evident, as the story progresses.

At first glance, if you met Sinead dressed in her flight attendant uniform with immaculate hair and makeup, you might assume she’s a light-weight, but she’s not. She’s got big plans for her life, and she’s able to handle herself, and the grumpy hero, Gabriel, too!

Steamy excerpt from Girl on a Plane:

She was so sexy. So confident and beautiful. Powerful.

Gabriel usually took charge with women, but letting Sinead call the shots had been mind-blowing so far. What they’d got up to in the early hours of the morning had been a gourmet appetizer, but it was time for the main course. Hopefully one of many dishes. A ten-course degustation menu to be tasted and savoured. Hours and hours of feasting.

She pulled him into the bathroom and flicked on the jets in the enormous shower.

“Wait a sec.” She slipped her hand out of his hold and rushed off towards the basin.

The way her butt and hips swayed from side to side was a thing of beauty.  If she didn’t act soon, he wouldn’t be able to control himself. She rustled around in her cosmetic bag and retrieved a foil packet, then waved it in the air in victory.

“Come here, you big dirty man.”

His lips stretched upwards. “You think I’m big and dirty?”

Her eyes were wide and innocent as she nodded. “Oh yes, very big. Very filthy.”

Gabriel swallowed when she bit her lip, her gaze roaming down his body. Shit. At this rate, the show would be over soon. He was so hard already it verged on painful. His groin tightened further and he clenched his hands into fists by his sides. He tried to control the tension inside him.

She swayed over to him. He had to touch her, if only her shoulder. Stroking her silky skin made his breath catch in his throat. Her little gasp was music.

She ripped open the little packet, reached out and slowly sheathed him. Now he groaned so loud, she laughed, light and tinkling.

His hand hovered over hers, then he grasped her fingers and stopped the stroking movement she’d begun. So close. He’d lose it if she kept it up. Without another word, he took hold of her hips and lifted her so those long, slim legs wrapped around his back.

“I want you inside me, Gabriel,” she whispered.

The blood pounded through his veins and his heartbeat resonated in his ears. He wanted her so much. But he teased her, kissing her mouth, stroking against her until she shivered. Then he pressed inside her. No more waiting. His breath leaked out, it felt so good. He almost gave in to the impulse to drive her hard and fast.

No, she’d have her pleasure. He wanted her to come apart in his arms.


A sexy, sassy, summer read. CLIMB ON BOARD . . .

When feisty Irish flight attendant Sinead Kennealy locks eyes with sexy Australian CEO Gabriel Anderson in First Class, sparks fly. But as they jet across the globe from Melbourne to London, it’s clear that they’re in for a turbulent journey . . .

Stressed-out Gabriel doesn’t do relationships. And Sinead isn’t about to be fooled by another bad boy after escaping her stalker ex. Then a storm hits, causing the plane to land unexpectedly, and Sinead and Gabriel are thrown together in Singapore.

The pressure rises as Sinead’s unhappy past threatens to catch up with her. But might Gabriel be the one to heal her heartbreak? If he could open up about his troubling secrets, maybe a relationship could actually get off the ground. Fasten your seatbelts – this WON’T be a smooth ride . . .

cassandra-oleary-aboutRead more on Cassandra’s website or connect with her on Facebook or Twitter.

Buy Girl on a Plane here:

Amazon US

Amazon AU

Amazon UK


iTunes US

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iTunes UK

Google Play Books


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