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Sunday Snippet from Seducing Serena: exposing erotic secrets

Sunday Snippet from Seducing Serena: exposing erotic secrets

This week for Sunday Snippets I’m going back to where it all started – my first erotic romance published in the Red Sage anthology, Secrets (Volume 28).

Seducing Serena is about an accountant who believes there is no such thing as “Mister Right” and decides to advertise and interview for a partner. Bad-boy Nick finds Serena’s challenge impossible to resist. He intends to prove her wrong – despite his aversion to commitment and a secret that could destroy them both.

This anthology received a 4 star review at RT Book Reviews: “The Secrets anthologies never fail to thrill and entertain. This volume’s contemporary, science fiction and historical stories are hot and sensual. Characters are well developed, and the couples will take readers along in their path to a lasting relationship.”

“What do you think, Serena?” he whispered. “Are you up to the challenge?”

She couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think beyond the possibility of this moment. “I—I don’t know.”

“Yes, you do,” he said. “Let’s dance.” He laced his fingers through hers and drew her to her feet, and she found herself complying as if in a dream. She hadn’t noticed the music until now except as a faintly annoying background hum, but she realised the tempo had changed to a slow, pulsing beat that trembled through her limbs and called to her inner essence with a strength that couldn’t be ignored.

It’s the music, she told herself, that’s making my blood hum like this. Not the touch of his hand on mine.

He turned when they reached the dance floor and drew her into the circle of his arms, the heels of her black shoes giving her the necessary height to fit comfortably into the long length of his body.

Too comfortably.

She felt a gut wrenching ache deep down in her belly, felt her nipples go taut beneath the silken camisole as his torso brushed against hers. How did it come to this? she wondered, fighting the urge to undo his shirt and inhale the delicious scent of his skin. One moment I’m rejecting him as a potential suitor, the next I’m melting against him as if… as if…

“Mmm.” The groan left her lips involuntarily as Nick cupped her buttocks and pressed her against the solid core of him. She couldn’t think, just wanted to feel him, touch him, taste him… The heady musk scent of him rose around her, encasing them like a private cocoon. Her head dropped back and she felt him swoop in to claim the open expanse of her neck with his lips and tongue. A ribbon of warmth spread outwards from the contact point. Her pulse danced crazily as he followed the line of her throat upwards and began to tease her earlobe with a gentle nibble. Then she realised he was swelling against her, the hard flesh pressing into her belly with almost frightening dimensions, and she moaned her desire and shifted to better accommodate him.

“I wanted you naked the minute I set eyes on you,” he whispered, warm breath tickling her ear.

The words should have raised alarm bells in her mind. Should have. But didn’t.

“I thought I was too business-like for your taste,” she murmured.

“You are! But that’s the ultimate challenge… to break down those barriers and find the sensual woman beneath. And there is passion under the surface, isn’t there, Serena? I can read the promise in those smoky grey eyes of yours, see the unconscious grace every time you move.”

“I—I don’t know.” Her heart was fluttering like a mad thing in her chest. Nobody had ever spoken to her like this before. “Maybe there was, once. But now…” She shook her head, then squealed as his teeth grabbed briefly in a gentle crescent on her neck.

“Open yourself up to the possibility of passion, Serena. Let yourself feel how right this is.” His lips followed where his teeth had gone, caressing the line of her neck and up to her jaw, then she was staring into eyes that had darkened to an emerald hue, eyes framed by faint laughter lines that deepened just a little as he smiled at her. The amusement was always there, she realised, as much a part of him as the desire that currently softened the strong lines of his face.

That’s what desire does to you, she thought dreamily. Blurs the edges until you don’t know your own mind. Until you don’t know where one person ends and the other begins.

Until you don’t know wrong from right.

Secrets Volume 28: Sensual Cravings is available in trade paperback or ebook at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Red Sage.

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Alpha males in romance: dominant hero or domineering villain?

Alpha males in romance: dominant hero or domineering villain?

Alpha romance heroIs there a difference between the über-alpha dominant male in romantic fiction and just plain arrogant bastard? Have your say over at Australian Romance Readers Association (ARRA) this week where I’m discussing what makes an alpha hero so alpha, and why I find them so seductive.

What are you looking for in a romance hero? I’d love to hear what you think.

Leave a comment on the ARRA post between 4th and 10th September 2011 and go in the draw to win an electronic copy of my erotic romance, Pandora’s Gift.

Jennifer Lynne 🙂 (You know what the smiley face is for!)

Find Jennifer Lynne’s books on Goodreads

Find Jennifer Lynne’s books on Goodreads

Jennifer Lynne’s books on Goodreads

Pandora's GiftPandora’s Gift

reviews: 1
ratings: 17 (avg rating 4.00)

Secrets Volume 28: Sensual CravingsSecrets Volume 28: Sensual Cravings

reviews: 4
ratings: 83 (avg rating 4.40)

Writing is HARD!

Writing is HARD!

I can’t seem to get back into the groove of it. I have several works in progress, some of them near complete, and every time I open one of them I just sit there staring at it. Why? What is wrong with me? I know I can write. I have two already published. I got great reviews. So what is stopping me third time around?

I’m pretty sure of the answer, actually. But I want to put it down here on my own blog, where I can see it clearly in black and white (well, technically white on purple) and hopefully, I can face it more directly that way.

Fear. Fear of failure. Fear of having “lost it”. Fear that this time around, I’ll get a rejection and everyone will know I just fluked it before. But that’s what the second one was for, wasn’t it? To prove to everyone (make that, myself) that it wasn’t just a one-off. And truth be told, I liked Pandora’s Gift even more than Seducing Serena. (Is it okay for an author to have a favourite book? Seems kind of disloyal to my firstborn, Serena, but I love her too not least because she was my first!). Its just that the writing seemed to flow much more easily the second time. It felt right.

But I stopped writing for a bit. Worked a day job, ran an internet business at night, ran teenage kids around all over the place, sold a house, moved, got sick, got better, got sick again. Hmm. Well. Now that I’m finally on the mend, the business is sold, the house is unpacked and the kids’ activities are relatively under control, I’m gonna give myself a piece of advice:

If you’re a writer, you write. Only 500 words at a time if thats what it takes to make it achievable. When, and only when, the story is finished, you edit. Then you think about submitting and all the emotional angst that comes with it. Not before. For today, just write, damn it!

I’m going to print that last sentence out and put it on the cork board above my computer. Hope it works!

Jennifer Lynne writes erotic romance and is published by Red Sage. Her first novella, Seducing Serena, appeared in the popular Secrets anthology (Secrets Volume 28 Sensual Cravings). Her second, Pandora’s Gift, is available as an e-book from Red Sage.

Erotic Romance Author interview up at Coffee Time Romance

Erotic Romance Author interview up at Coffee Time Romance

Just when I thought things were starting to wind down in the lead up to Christmas, I’ve been interviewed by Venus over at Coffee Time Romance – and she was very clever with her questions. I gave away more than I thought about the unrelenting juggling act between writing and “real life”!

I love coffee, and I adore writing romance, so what better combination? If you’d like to read a bit more about the writing processes behind my two erotic romance novellas – Seducing Serena (appearing in Red Sage Secrets Volume 28) and Pandora’s Gift – head on over and have a look!

Let me know what you think!

Secrets Volume 28 book coverPandoras Gift book coverCheers

Jennifer Lynne 🙂

Secrets Vol. 28 nominated for Book of the Week

Secrets Vol. 28 nominated for Book of the Week

Secrets Volume 28 Sensual Cravings, which contains my erotic romance, Seducing Serena, as well as three other sensual stories, is up for Book of the Week at Whipped Cream Reviews. We got a fantastic 4 and half cherries in the review! Voting is open this weekend only, 17th and 18th July, so please help us out and CLICK HERE TO VOTE before the end of the weekend!

Secrets Volume 28 book coverThe Whipped Cream review says in part: “Sensual cravings is definitely what this collection created…Seducing Serena proved to be a very sensual and erotic story…Serena and Nicholas’s story really touched me because so many women have a damaged heart from previous relationships…This was a couple I wanted to see more of even after the story was complete. You will find yourself wanting to read more after these stories. With great plots and exceptional characters each story will be remembered.”

Secrets Volume 28 Sensual Cravings was released last December by Red Sage Publishing. Seducing Serena was Jennifer Lynne’s first erotic romance. Her second, Pandora’s Gift, was released by Red Sage as an e-book earlier this month.

Read an excerpt or buy a copy of Secrets Volume 28 Sensual Cravings HERE.

Naming the Babies

Naming the Babies

Today I’m guest blogging over at Fierce Romance and discussing how hard it is to come up with just the right name for each of the characters in my stories.

I’d love to hear from you at Fierce Romance and find out what you think about character names. How important are names in understanding the personality and style of the heroine/hero, and contributing to the overall story theme? For writers – what are the processes involved in naming your babies? For readers – do particular names put you off? Draw you in?

What’s in a name? Does a rose by any other name really smell as sweet?

Visit Fierce Romance for the full discussion, which includes excerpts from my latest erotic romance release, Pandora’s Gift. I’d love to hear what you think! 🙂


Jennifer Lynne

Pandora’s Gift, Red Sage e-book, available now

Seducing Serena, Red Sage Secrets Volume 28 Sensual Cravings, Dec 09

Giveaway copies of Pandora’s Gift available until 20th July 2010 at Jennifer Lynne’s website.

Win new release erotic romance Pandora’s Gift

Win new release erotic romance Pandora’s Gift

To celebrate the July launch of Pandora’s Gift, my second Red Sage release, I’m giving away an electronic copy of this erotic romance to not one but three lucky readers.

Pandoras Gift book coverFor your chance to win a copy of e-book Pandora’s Gift, simply leave a comment on any of the pages on my website between 1st July and 20th July 2010. Three winners (who must be at least 18 years of age due to the adult nature of the work) will be chosen randomly and contacted by email. There will be a choice of five e-book formats from which winners can choose.

Pandora’s Gift introduces Flint McCallum, a man on the edge of darkness, and Pandora Paige, a free spirit who helps guide troubled souls toward the light. Flint doesn’t believe in magic, but the mystic Pandora challenges the very beliefs on which his life has been built. These polar opposites are destined to join together in a blaze of passion that Pandora hopes will blast away the darkness keeping Flint captive. But as she becomes more deeply ensnared in his magnetic personality (and I mean, look at that book cover – can you blame her?!) how will she protect her own heart from the dangerous lure of the dark?

My first Red Sage novella, Seducing Serena, appeared last December in the popular erotic romance anthology, Secrets Volume 28 Sensual Cravings, which is still receiving great reviews.

Secrets Volume 28 book coverRead an excerpt from both Pandora’s Gift and Seducing Serena at Red Sage Publishing, and then get commenting for your chance to win!