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A brief writing hiatus

A brief writing hiatus

Hi folks, I just wanted to stop by the blog and let you know I’m taking a brief hiatus from writing after an accident last week. I tripped over while doing the weekly grocery shopping and fractured my arm, among some other not-so-awesome injuries.

I should be back on board in a few weeks, but for now, the Oct 15th planned “re-release” of Educating Ethan is on hold until later in the year.

Typing with one hand is definitely doable, but rather painstaking, I have to admit!

Here’s a little snippet from Educating Ethan to whet your appetite in the meantime (and no, this one isn’t erotic, just sexy!):

Educating Ethan Cover - Jennifer LynneShe gestured Ethan into the room and offered the tray of rolls, then poured lemonade into two frosted glasses and added a sprig of mint from her stash of fresh herbs on the windowsill. So what if her hands weren’t one hundred percent steady? He’d never notice. His eyes were clearly on the food. “I do a lot of my food preparation here, experimenting with new recipes, that sort of thing, so I need a big work area. This was originally two rooms, which I had knocked through into one. It’s the heart of my business, and I guess my home as well.”

It was hard to maintain eye contact as she spoke, with his magnificent chest bare to the world, the pinkish brown nipples puckered slightly in the air-conditioned room, and the faint sprinkling of dark hair that led downwards in an enticing line like a persistent arrow directing her wayward gaze. And her wayward gaze complied, whether she wanted it to or not, noting the curve of those thighs and the implicit strength in the coiled muscles as he moved forward to reach for another roll. She glanced only briefly this time but still he knew. She could tell in the amused curl of his lips as they lifted and the knowing way he slanted his eyes at her. So much for using food and drink to distract his attention.

He’s too young, she reminded herself. And he sure as hell won’t be thinking of me that way. He probably misses his mother’s cooking.

She took a deep, steadying breath. “Careful, Ethan. They’re really hot.”

There. A mother would say something like that. Wouldn’t she?

“But delicious.” His eyes crinkled at the corners as he chewed and swallowed. He looked adorably young. She moved around to the other side of the island and gripped its edges. Now she couldn’t see anything below his hips. Much safer.

“What’s it called?” He spoke around the food, and for a moment, she wasn’t quite sure to what he was referring.

It’s called lust. Or maybe cradle snatching? “Umm…”

“Your catering company. What’s it called?”

“Oh!” Tension released from her shoulders as they ventured into a familiar topic of conversation. Work she could deal with. “Simply Delicious.”

“How very…appropriate.”


Curious about a romance author’s #cats …um, I mean desk? @JenniLynnAuthor

Curious about a romance author’s #cats …um, I mean desk? @JenniLynnAuthor

Hi folks. I haven’t been here at the blog for a bit because that pesky thing called “real life” (a.k.a. doing more hours in the day job) got in the way. But I did manage to show off my writing space recently over at AusRomToday. If you’d like to see where I pen much of my work – including my erotic romance series, Gods of Love – please head on over to have a look at the photos of my desk.

If you’d rather just stay here, I’m sharing some cat pics today. These are our three fur babies – they keep me company when the muse strikes – and only occasionally get in the way of the keyboard!

Bobby - he eats paper. In fact, he eats everything! Cheeky but so friendly.
Bobby – he eats paper. In fact, he eats everything! Cheeky, crazy, but so friendly, with the loudest purr I’ve ever heard.
Meika - timid and sweet. Hides from everyone bar the family.
Meika – timid and sweet. Hides from everyone, then appears out of nowhere. We’re thinking teleporting ability?


Cleo - the elderly matriarch. Our old ginger girl.
Cleo – the elderly matriarch. Our old ginger girl. She has a nice soft bed but prefers our scratchy wood basket.


Valentines Day GlVEAWAY – #CelebratingValentine & Romance

Valentines Day GlVEAWAY – #CelebratingValentine & Romance

Welcome to the Reading Romances’ Valentine’s Day Blog Hop, where more than 60 authors and bloggers have joined together to offer giveaways celebrating all things romantic.

Scroll down for details on how to enter the giveaway…but please scroll slowly! Because also below is an Adults-only peek at my new menage a trois erotic romance release, SEX CLUB SECRETS (GODS OF LOVE 3).

This novella is highly erotic, and yet it is also a love story in which the romance is key. Best friends Ella and Kade meet the ancient Greek god of requited and unrequited love in a celebrated sex club – the result is a night of fantasy-filled menage a trois passion and unexpected romance. Sometimes, love can flourish in the most unusual places:

“Suspend your disbelief, Ella. Anything is possible at Secrets, tonight.”

Suspend disbelief? I can do that. She closed her eyes for a moment. Need grew, intensified…Kade…

“If your lover were here right now, what would you want from him? From this…Kade?”

Had she spoken his name out loud? She must have. “I don’t know.”

“Yes, you do.” He was close enough now that his words whispered across her temple, disturbing the shorter tendrils of hair around her face. “Look into your heart. Tell me.”

She shivered and glanced back at the large viewing window with its heavy drapes drawn to each side. “I want…”

“Do you wish the curtains closed before we begin? I am amenable to that, if it is your wish.”

“No.” She looked hard at the glass, not having realized until this moment that it was one-way. A whole football team of people could be out there, observing them, and she would have no idea. Instead, her reflection stared back at her, pale and ethereal-looking, her newly blonde hair long and wavy rather than frizzy-looking for once, the whiteness of her limbs an interesting counter-point to the powerful darkness of Anteros standing behind her. Even with five-inch heels on, he topped her by a good six inches, and she wasn’t short to start with. They looked good together, she realized. Dark and light. Strength and delicacy.

I feel different already. No more flat-chested beanpole. I feel…kind of sexy, for a change.

Time for truth. She took a deep breath. “I wish that Kade were here, watching me right now. Watching us, wanting us, while we do things here in this room that I’ve never done before.” She leaned back into Anteros as he let go of her hand and traced up her arm with his fingertips before heading across to her left breast. He paused for a second at the peak, rolling his thumb over the hardened nub, before dipping below to hover near her rapidly beating heart. “I want him to see me in a new way. I want him to want me, the way I’ve always wanted him. I want him to love me, the way I—”

“Ella.” Anteros pulled her away from the mirrored window and dipped his head in toward her throat. A caress like butterfly wings tickled her skin along the edge of her collar bone. “Shall we assume he is there, and he is watching, and give him a show the likes of which he will never forget?” His words vibrated against her and need grew in her belly. “Shall we punish him a little, or maybe quite a lot, for making you feel so lonely, all these years? Shall we do that, right now?”

“Oh, yes, Anteros. Please, yes.

Want to buy a copy of SEX CLUB SECRETS for your Ebook reader, PC or iPad?

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“Hot, fast paced and just the right amount of back story…Going straight out to buy the rest of the series.” Amazon 5-stars

“Between the stunning sex scenes and the emotional dynamics of the characters, I was hooked.” Amazon 5-stars

“…a story of secret fantasies, passionate sex and the loneliness of one god whose only wish is to be loved and wanted-for himself.” The Reading Cafe, 4-stars


This is a Blog Hop, of course, and it wouldn’t be complete without a giveaway or two!

Here on my blog I’m giving away a beautiful ballpoint pen, plus an Ebook copy of the first two novellas in the GODS OF LOVE series – PLATINUM PASSION and APHRODITE CALLING. You can enter the draw between 11th and 18th Feb 2013 by either:

  • Commenting on this post;
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Then please CLICK HERE, or on the “Valentines Day Hop” button at the top of this post, to visit other Hop entries and to enter the GRAND PRIZE giveaway, which includes Gift Cards to Amazon, Kobo or Barnes & Noble, as well as books, books and more books!

Thank you to Nat from Reading Romances for organising the Hop! Follow Nat on Twitter at: @readingromances

Traditional vs. Indie Publishing: why not do both?

Traditional vs. Indie Publishing: why not do both?

This time last year I had just signed my third contract with a traditional (small press) publisher for EDUCATING ETHAN, a sensual romance. I had also completed the first two novellas in an erotic fantasy romance series featuring non-mainstream characters – an older married couple in a bisexual menage a trois with a Greek god, and a post-surgery transsexual heroine searching for identity who meets an ancient god on the edge of burnout.

These unusual heroes and heroines didn’t seem to fit easily into a traditional market. So, what to do with them? It was around this time that I joined a Yahoo group called Indie Romance Ink, a chat/support group for romance writers either independently published or considering heading down that path. I realised my characters were crying out to be independently published, and I made the somewhat scary decision to dip a toe into indie waters with PLATINUM PASSION (GODS OF LOVE #1) and then APHRODITE CALLING, the second in the series.

If I had known then what I know now, I may not have made that decision. Not because it hasn’t been an incredible and satisfying journey. It has! But there has also been a learning curve so steep that it would have given me pause, had I known about it in advance.

But I’ve survived the journey – so far at least – with PLATINUM PASSION released as an indie story last December and APHRODITE CALLING in June. Book 3 is in its final stages of completion.

Why go indie?

The steep learning curve is the reason I would encourage anyone who is contemplating indie publishing to give it a go – at least once. It might be scary steep, but getting hands-on, behind-the-scenes access as a publisher rather than an author is the quickest way I know to build detailed inside knowledge of the publishing industry.

From the most basic skills such as working with a designer to create a great book cover; how to format and upload an ebook to Amazon; how best to tag and categorise your books; how to set up a wordpress website or blog; right through to more complex things such as which distribution channels work well and which ones don’t – and why; what to do (and how to do it) if you want to produce a print publication in addition to an ebook; which promotional sites do (and do not) support indie authors/books; and how best to use social media, author interviews, blog appearances, book review sites, virtual book tours and media releases among many other marketing tools to build and maintain a reader following.

I knew none of this stuff a year ago. I was naive in the sense that I thought the book would upload to Amazon and I could sit back and watch the sales roll in. Well, I wasn’t that naive, but I didn’t have a clue how hard I would have to work to get my author name and the book titles out there in the market, and how important it is to build and maintain a reader following.

When you’re indie, you’re doing it alone, and without a following the sales do not simply roll in!

I was also unfamiliar with just how many decisions – about every aspect of the publishing process – need to be made at each step along the way to publication.

Therein, for me, lies a key advantage of going the traditional route.

Traditional publishing advantages

As an author, all of those decisions around the publishing process are made for you, so in that respect it is easier time-wise to manage the rest (the rest being marketing, followed by more writing!).

The support from a publisher “family”, and the authors in that family, also can be just as encouraging as that of any indie network.

Another thing that going traditional offers is an outside validation of your work as truly “publishable”. You’re not going simply on gut instinct. Instead you have someone trained and experienced in publishing telling you that, yes, they do believe readers will like your work. There is definitely a small part of me that enjoys that part of traditional publishing.

Advantages of indie publishing

In addition to what I’ve listed above for indie, this arena has thus far been more lucrative for me than trad-pub. Beyond the financial rewards, though, it is the act of doing it yourself – all of it – that brings a real sense of personal and professional achievement. Control over your own work from start to finish is a wonderful feeling! Tapping in to indie support groups and websites/blogs that encourage indie authors provides a wealth of information, knowledge and has brought many new online friends my way.

Why not do both?

In my view, there is significant benefit to keeping a foot in both camps, for all of the reasons listed above. We work damn hard to create our little masterpieces – why limit our publishing options? I do intend to sub some – but not all – of my work to traditional publishers in future, but I am excited for now to continue on the rollercoaster journey of indie pubbing and see where the next 12 months takes me!

Basic advice for anyone considering indie publishing
  • Join online indie chat/support groups for your genre, such as Indie Romance Ink for romance writers
  • Follow the blogs of successful indie authors, such as JA Konrath, Lindsay Buroker and Joan Reeves
  • Get your finished work professionally edited
  • If you are not great with formatting documents, get your work professionally formatted
  • Work with a professional designer to get a top quality book cover
  • Create an author website/blog, a Twitter account and a Facebook author page as a minimum social media presence
  • Keep writing!

For a peek at my current indie works, check out PLATINUM PASSION (GODS OF LOVE #1) and APHRODITE CALLING. (GODS OF LOVE #2).

Guest author Laura Tolomei has a horror side

Guest author Laura Tolomei has a horror side

For the Hot Summer Nights Giveaway Hop (18-22 July), please click HERE.

Guest author Laura Tolomei:

Ever been horrified yet sensually aroused, too? With Laura Tolomei’s books there are infinite ways to satisfy your bloodlust AND get the turn-on you expect from any erotica fiction worthy of its name. Here’s a sampling of some of her writing, and let me tell you, these excerpts are HOT!

Sacrificial Sex

Sacrificial Sex is more for the reader who is looking for an intriguing plot and characters which demand their concentration and leave their heart pounding because of the extreme situations and emotions.” Rated 4 Divas by DDR

Sacrificial Sex is one story that had me captivated. The plot and subplots intrigued me to the extent that I found it hard to put the story down at times. Ms. Tolomei builds a descriptive primitive world, which had me thinking about scenes for days after I’d finished the story.” Rated 4 Angels by FAR

M/M, Horror, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci-Fi

eXtasy Books


Sex in exchange of blood. That’s how Rowen convinces Mylos to stop his violent ways. And Rowen, thrown into a primitive world, is all too willing to save the innocent virgins sacrificed to bloodthirsty gods if only the price didn’t include more sex, violence and lies than he’s bargained for.

Teaser Adult Excerpt:

Over the ages, the Blood Divine had devised a sophisticated technique to carve, spill and cut any part of the human body. Particularly challenging was the extraction of the still beating heart from the victim’s chest. The important organ had to be full of life in order for the gods to accept the donation and bless the city. The Blood Divines’ intensive practice allowed them, in a matter of seconds, to kill their prey without it being aware of what was happening. Swiftly and cruelly, they ended the ordeal without too many ceremonies, leaving behind large pools of blood and a battered carcass.

The spilled red liquid stained everything, including the blades used for the ritual. Mylos nodded with satisfaction at the array lined-up on the velvet cloth. Light shone on the sharp blades, sending sinister sparkles across the floor. They were all shiny clean, almost new in their gleaming metallic state. Acolytes had to perform the delicate task of cleaning them as part of their duties. Nothing was more important than the Blood Divine’s clean cutting instruments, which had to be spotless by definition since they represented not only his most precious tools, but a revered symbol as well. Satisfied with the final effect, Mylos raised his head.

Bloody Passion

“If you are looking for a dark fantasy book with a large dose of suspense and erotic play, then Bloody Passion is certainly the book for you. I look forward to reading more from Laura Tolomei.” Rated  4 ½ Divas by DDR

Bloody Passion by Laura Tolomei was a dark story full of magic and bloody dreams that can take you to the edge of sanity. I loved it! Laura keeps you at the edge of your seat trying to stay one step ahead of the characters in her book.” Rated 4.5 Tombstones by BBB

Dark Fantasy, Gay, Horror, Ménage, Paranormal, Shape Shifting, Halloween, m/f, m/m, m/m/m

eXtasy Books


There’s a hidden treasure inside everyone. Some show it, but only a few can afford it. Sometimes, you only need to know how to manage other’s treasures, even if self-destructive. But in the end, it’s like seeing yourself in a mirror. So how to explain the violence?

Teaser Sensual PG Excerpt:

“And the game requires an active participation from all its players. Wouldn’t you agree, puppy?”

Probably getting the first inkling of Rory’s drift, I saw the young man’s body tense. “I’m not sure I do, Master.”

“Of course, you do, puppy.” Grabbing his hair, Rory pulled Newlyn’s head up. “Cedric, here, is a dear friend and he’s as much interested in your training as I am. Don’t you think it’s time to show him just how much you’ve learned?”

“The buck’s probably scared,” I challenged.

“I’m not!” Newlyn spat, sounding offended.

“Then he’s simply inexperienced,” I concluded.

The hunter fixed his gaze on Newlyn. “Are you going to let him believe such lies?”

The young man shook his head.

“Then prove him wrong.” Rory threw him to me and Newlyn was quick to grab the opportunity.


AR: “Two men. One connection. And time is running out!”

CTR: “The force of Lord Brahany’s will is more than an innocent young man can deny, but…The ferocity with which Lord Brahany and Ilenio engage each other is a complete sensual and sexual explosion for the senses.”

JBp: “What more could you ask then an alpha male with wings ;0)”

GLBT (m/m), Horror, Shapeshifter, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, m/m/m, m/m/m/m

eXtasy Books


Blood, sex, murder: can the mind overcome the evil in the body?

It wasn’t till he took me to his bed and made love to me, for the first time—no competition between us, no unspoken challenge, no master-slave, no blood, no death, nothing but intense emotions overwhelming me with the sheer power of his feelings, a sea so deep, a tide so strong I thought I’d drown as he took me face up, raising my legs above his shoulders and plunging deep before preying on my mouth, too, in a never-ending kiss that took my breath, not to mention my resolve, away—that in spite of everything, I gave him what he wanted most, my soul in its entirety, for I knew right there and then I was sealing my destiny forever.

Teaser Erotic Excerpt:

But what really blew my mind away were his incredible transformation and the connection he was strengthening every day more. The first time I saw him slowly turn into a majestic black eagle-like bird—his face elongating in a beak, his body sprouting giant fangs, then long elegant wings, covered with thick luscious black feathers—it took my breath away, though not as much as when I understood that I, and I alone, had the power to control him. And it thrilled me beyond words, like an excitingly heated wave coursing my entire fiber, to think he had chosen me, out of all the people he could’ve beckoned for this special service, to share his most intimate sphere.

So he soared high above the sky while I tried to follow him on ground, soon losing sight of him until the low, deep and distinctive pitch I was learning to recognize as his essence reverberated in my head like the sound of distant thunder to steer me in the right direction without using any words or forms of verbal communication. Apparently, his beast state didn’t consent any human weakness, least of all the spoken kind, and he had to submit to the same limitations animals did except for what came from the intense sharing I was growing to depend on, both in and out of bed. And while I could simply think my questions or comments in order to receive an answer from him, he relied heavily on imagery, audible signs and sensations to make sure we never lost track of each other, flashing map-like pictures of a place, if not the actual view of it, or clogging my ears with the noise associated to it.

In any case, I didn’t need his words—enough to sense him as a presence in my head regardless of the distance between us or of his appearance, bird or human making no difference in my strong perception of him—for I knew he was trying to teach me more than a silent exchange of information. What he aimed at was for our link to move beyond the physical realm to reach the indefinable sensual one that for the time being was ours only during sex. “Because, little one, our senses won’t betray us…” To prove his point, he had grabbed my hard cock and jerked it. “Like fragile emotions or false words.”

I had no trouble believing him, not after his many lessons were plunging me into a frenzied heat that swept away my doubts, my awareness, my breath, my very life, everything and anything that wasn’t him fading in a hazy background until nothing existed besides him. And it intoxicated my soul and altered my perceptions like living constantly on the edge of a precipice, hovering between a vertical fall without safety nets and a sense of security he was instilling slowly but surely.

That’s how it all came together—the training, the connection, the chase, the incredible transformation and the hottest sex—coalescing into the most unusual relationship I had ever experienced. It wasn’t love, of course, though I felt closer to him than to any loved one. It wasn’t work either, although we had a definite purpose and his determination drove me beyond any feasible boundary. But whatever it was, nothing expressed it better than our bodies’ fatal attraction to one another.

The Demon Waiter

“Unique!” Rated 5 STARS Mary’s Naughty Whispers

“The story-line was really good and so was the premise of the plot There is plenty of hot sex with a multitude of partners. So I will recommend this to those who love m/f/m, dark fantasy, paranormal, m/m, hot sex (and loads of it) and an ending that has you pulling your hair out.” MM Good Book Reviews

“THE DEMON WAITER is a mixture of horror, paranormal and erotica. Author Laura Tolomei blends them perfectly into a blazing hot read that will leave you breathless. Definitely pick this one up if you like some paranormal with your sizzle!” Rated 4 Ribbons @RJRRJR

GLBT (m/m), Horror, Shapeshifter, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, m/m/m, m/m/m/m

eXtasy Books


Now he had the place. He had the lovers. He had the simultaneous come. And tonight was Halloween.

It wasn’t till he took me to his bed and made love to me, for the first time—no competition between us, no unspoken challenge, no master-slave, no blood, no death, nothing but intense emotions overwhelming me with the sheer power of his feelings, a sea so deep, a tide so strong I thought I’d drown as he took me face up, raising my legs above his shoulders and plunging deep before preying on my mouth, too, in a never-ending kiss that took my breath, not to mention my resolve, away—that in spite of everything, I gave him what he wanted most, my soul in its entirety, for I knew right there and then I was sealing my destiny forever.

Teaser Adult Excerpt:

On meeting at the pub where Anthony was waiting outside, Laurent’s first comment had been simply, “Do we really have to waste our time on a drink or can we skip to the fuck?” Having read the signs clearly, he knew Anthony would have no hesitation, none whatsoever in following him home, which he did readily.

Anthony was a passionate one, a real cock lover who couldn’t wait to get him indoors to take it out and suck it in the living room. That was before he saw the swimming pool and decided Laurent would be more comfortable laying in one of the sun-beds. His mouth was so good Laurent would’ve allowed him to do it wherever he wanted, also upside down if necessary. The way Anthony took his dick in one gulp and brought it down the throat, literally swallowing it to the point Laurent felt the plunge, was simply incredible. He couldn’t get enough of his tongue either, wrapped around the firm stem to lap on all sides or curled in a tight squeeze that drove Laurent crazy.

On the pool’s edges, he let Anthony have it all, each intake bringing him closer to the cum that was pushing from his balls up until it burst into the pliant cavity. It didn’t stop Anthony from sucking, though, quite the contrary. He continued pampering the limp piece to make it grow again, which it did in a matter of minutes. His fastest recovery to date, Laurent wondered how the man managed it without the slightest effort, but it was hardly the only surprise of the night.

If Laurent didn’t know better, he’d have sworn Anthony had some sort of magical power. That trick of swallowing was unlike anything he had ever experienced with either men or women. The impression was really of plunging in a bottomless pit, like the shaft went beyond the normal throat constriction, the obvious limit to most other blowjobs. Anthony’s, instead, was a smooth drop into an abyss, and without even coughing once.

It was more than enough to turn his dick into another throbbing erection, pushing into Anthony’s mouth to demand more space despite the excess it was already getting. That was also when Laurent’s gaze fell on the derrière moving to the same rhythm of the head bobs. Definitely a male’s ass in shape, Laurent wanted it from the start, to ram until Anthony begged him to stop—

Find Laura Tolomei on the web at: – @LallaGatta Blog

Facebook, Twitter, Google+1, Linkedin, MySpace, Goodreads.


Reading Romances G!veaway – Aphrodite Calling is my favorite book

Reading Romances G!veaway – Aphrodite Calling is my favorite book

sharing my favorite book giveaway hop

Sharing My Favorite Read Giveaway Hop is being hosted by Reading Romances!

Ask any avid reader to name their favorite romance and I doubt you’ll get a simple answer! That is especially so when the avid reader is also an author trying to pick one of her own books to discuss. Quite a few book babies in my growing family and I get to pick only one?

Putting aside for a moment the feeling that I am being disloyal to my other little “babies”, I’ve picked Aphrodite Calling (Gods of Love #2) to showcase because it is special to me for a range of reasons. Released only yesterday, my latest story hopefully demonstrates a maturing of my craft as a writer. We are always honing our skills, right?

But this story is special to me for much more than being a new release. This is the first time I’ve attempted to write an erotic romance from the viewpoint of a post-surgery, male-to-female transsexual heroine, and it has proven the most challenging of anything I’ve written thus far.

I really wanted to get this one right. To make sure I didn’t end up with a stereotyped transgender character, but rather to show, through Gina’s story, how difficult it can be to fight for your very identity in a world that doesn’t accept anyone outside the so-called “norm”.

I rewrote Aphrodite Calling three times, and as I started the final rewrite I began to tweet about it. Around that time I had some heartfelt responses from people on the transgender journey themselves, and I felt some of their pain and isolation.

It made me think about all the people out there – transgendered or otherwise – who have to fight harder than others for what they believe in. I wanted to do justice to what they might be going through, and to applaud their strength, while at the same time I needed to stay within the confines of a short erotic romance novella featuring a Greek god of desire – my original premise for the story.

I don’t know if I have achieved the right balance with Aphrodite Calling, but I certainly hope so. If you read it I’d love to hear what you think. I know this story will remain special to me for these reasons, even as I move on to #3 in the series, Sex Club Secrets.

Here’s a short 18+ excerpt from Aphrodite Calling (Gods of Love #2) and yes, it is available now from All Romance ebooks, Smashwords and Amazon:

Without sight she could only imagine what he would look like, the tip of his tongue sliding along her flesh that was already swollen with need, that wayward hair flopping down over his brow, his gaze intense, probably flecked with the shade of green that for some reason reminded her of the sea, looking back up her body as he teased around and over her mound. When the graze of something hard—presumably his teeth—nipped at her clitoris through the material she yelped, then pressed upward to enhance that exquisite pressure. Hot lips met her thrust and played with her, moistening the material. Lips, tongue, and teeth worked in unison to torment her core while his fingers slipped beneath her G and went exploring along her slit.

A gasp escaped as she felt one of his digits slide into her. The first person other than her surgeon or herself ever to breach her pussy. She didn’t have the creamy moistness of a biological woman, but somehow, with Himeros, it didn’t seem to matter. She rocked back and forth against his face, adjusting to the feel of having someone inside her, even if it was only his finger.

“Yes,” she managed on a shaky exhale of breath. “That feels fucking fantastic.”

He chuckled against her clit. “So tight, Gina. I look forward to entering you properly.”

She felt the words and the laugh as a welcome vibration and it escalated her senses into overdrive. She moaned. Having her cock sucked in the past had never felt like this. The intensity of what she was feeling now was more—so much more—than she was used to. Even through her underwear.

The pressure suddenly disappeared and so too did the scrap of material covering her pussy. She couldn’t see his reaction to her full-on nakedness and a flare of panic had her reaching up to rip off her mask, but found her hands imprisoned beneath larger ones. “No. Leave it on, Gina. Go with your gut, and feel. Feel your need. Feel mine.”

She whimpered, wanting to do as he asked. “Okay,” she whispered. “I can do this.”

“Of course you can. And for the record, you are beautiful.” That last word came out husky, and she felt tears prick at her eyes at the genuine tone of his voice.

But still she hesitated. “Normal?” she asked at last.

“Yes, darling. Perfectly normal.”

What you can win here:  A lucky four leaf clover 18K gold plated bookmark, plus any one of my back list ebooks, including Platinum Passion (Gods of Love #1) – a Best Book of 2011 nominee in GLBT Fantasy Romance at TRR, Educating Ethan, Pandora’s Gift or Secrets Volume 28 Sensual Cravings.


How to enter: Either leave a comment on this post, or “like” my FB Author Page HERE. Or do both for two entries in the draw. 🙂 It’s that easy! There’s also an extra entry in the draw for anyone who follows @readingromances on Twitter during this Blog Hop!

Hop for more favorite book recommendations and to enter the other giveaways HERE, or click the button at the top of this post.

Raine Delight – Love of a good book…or two

Raine Delight – Love of a good book…or two

My guest today is erotic romance author, Raine Delight. She’s here to discuss her love of books, and her exciting June 20th release, A Summer Night Fling. Here’s Raine:

Love of a good book…or two

I am a self-proclaimed book addict. There, I said it. Confessed it to the entire world and I see no end in sight over my addiction. I am not sorry over my addiction. I absolutely love the written word in its many forms. From the first book I picked up (Good Night Moon) to my love of erotic romance & GBLT Books, I have graduated to different genres and spiciness as I grew up to an adult.

As the seasons change here, there seems to be a burst of wonderful books coming out along with the daffodils and cherry blossoms. I am not sure how this happens, but I do know once spring/summer gets here, my reading list explodes and my poor honey moans he is going to need to build a new room for all my books that I get. I can’t help it. My inner book addict loves books, be it an e-book or print copy. Doesn’t matter to her as long as she gets her fix! She is like a junkie…when she sees a really good excerpt/book blurb; she just has to have it. I swear there has to be a 12-step program for book addicts. You know, where we all introduce ourselves and say “Yes I am a book addict” to a round of applause and encouragement. I think we could even get a reality TV show…what do you think? Would that work? I think so. I am sure the possibilities are endless as are the choices of some new (or oldies but goodies) favorites to enjoy. So this summer, my goal is to reign in my wild child inner book addict so my poor honey doesn’t complain too much on all my books. Really…going…to…try but its sooooo hard…must….have…this book.

A Summer Night Fling by Raine Delight

Paranormal M/M short story found in Hot Summer Fun Anthology

Available June 20th 2012

More information along with upcoming buy links HERE.

Cal Larson wasn’t expecting to find a hot, sexy man stuck in a tree as he took his morning walk in the woods. When he meets Alex sparks fly and these two will find that love is waiting to claim them. Except Alex has a secret…one that may bring danger to Cal’s doorstep. Can Cal find it in his heart to accept Alex and let this one-night stand turn into something much more?

Teaser Excerpt (PG)

Three months earlier…Cal Larson walked into his house and knew something was different. The feeling of peace, of home, escaped him that moment. He tried to figure out what it was as he tossed his coat over the stair railing and asked, “Hey, Mal, you around?

Silence answered him. He walked across the foyer to the living room, searching for his lover of five years. After spying no one in the room, he moved deeper into the house, his heart starting to pound and an uneasy feeling making his stomach churn. When opening the kitchen door revealed nothing, he made his way back to the stairwell and ran up to the master bedroom. Hoping that Malcolm was in the shower, he walked into the room and stopped short. Drawers were open, clothes scattered, but no Malcolm was in sight.

He ran over to the closet and saw the empty space where his lover’s clothes should have been. The suitcases they used on trips were gone, and with a heavy heart he sat down on the bed, anguish running through his soul.

“What the heck happened?” Cal turned to see the destruction of the room he had given him so many wonderful memories. Of Malcolm coming toward him, naked after a shower, smelling fresh and manly, and all he needed to do was touch Cal and he was lost.

Hearing a crinkle of paper, he turned and discovered a piece of crumpled paper stuck in the sheets of the bed. Smoothing it out as best he could, he saw it was from Malcolm.

Dear Cal,

By now you know I am gone. I can’t do this anymore. I have fallen out of love with you and moved on. I am sorry for this but hope you can forgive me eventually.

My best,


Blinking with shock, Cal stared at the paper in disbelief. His lover had decided to leave…without even saying goodbye or offer an explanation at that. He left a ‘Dear John’ letter and wiped his hands of five years of being a couple. What happened to loving one another and giving each other support as they pursued their dreams?

“Well goddamn me to hell and back,” Cal swore as he stood up and walked out of the room, never glancing back while the letter slowly fell to the ground.

About Raine Delight:

Raine Delight loves to be pampered by her harem of men that exist solely for her pleasure. Wait…that was in a movie she saw. Hey, she can dream. Raine loves to fight with her muse, attack her manuscripts and find a way to silence the many voices in her head. Inspiration hits at odd times and for Raine, a blank word document page gives her many possibilities on story ideas.  Living with her two kids, a significant other who supports her every move in writing and doesn’t seem to mind she gets up at 2 am to type away on the computer. With a love for Johnny Depp, movies and 80’s hair bands, Raine finds a way to bring all her chaotic thoughts into a story that tells her readers about love and romance.



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Calling all romance book lovers – read this!

Calling all romance book lovers – read this!

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Book Lovers Buffet runs from the 8th to the 22nd June. Click HERE or on the Vacation Getaway banner at the top of this post to start feasting (er…reading!) at the Buffet.