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S.O.S. Sex on Saturday: PANDORA’S GIFT by Jennifer Lynne

S.O.S. Sex on Saturday: PANDORA’S GIFT by Jennifer Lynne

Sex on Saturday? Yes please! This week I include a sentence from my erotic romance PANDORA’S GIFT, about a returned war veteran who has seen too much and a free-spirited woman who uses seduction to heal the souls of those lost in the darkness:

Jennifer Lynne Pandoras Gift CoverOh no you don’t, she thought, and went deeper, edging into the corners and embracing the shards of dark, softening their edges, her tears falling harder now, a sob escaping her as she filled him with herself.

PANDORA’S GIFT is published by Red Sage and available at:


All Romance eBooks

Red Sage Publishing

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Six sentences from PANDORA’S GIFT

Six sentences from PANDORA’S GIFT

Pandoras Gift coverThis week’s six sentence snippet is from Pandora’s Gift, a contemporary paranormal romance about a returned war veteran who is fighting the darkness in his soul, and a woman who is trying to save him:


She closed her eyes and concentrated, remembering that delicate kiss only moments earlier. It had filled her with tenderness, drawing the light into and around him, around them both, cocooning them as one in a soft golden glow that chased the darkness into far-off corners of his being.

Oh, no, you don’t, she thought, and went deeper, edging into the corners and embracing the shards of dark, softening their edges, her tears falling harder now, a sob escaping her as she filled him with herself. She was shaking with the effort, but glorying in the connection that felt so real and so right.

She opened her eyes and saw his head come up, a dazed look on his face as he slipped away from her fingertips. After a moment, he caressed the curve of her breast.


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Pandora’s Gift is available from Amazon and Red Sage Publishing.

Book Giveaways and Author Interview

Book Giveaways and Author Interview

I’m being interviewed today at two blogs : Book Monster Reviews and Literal Addiction. As well as being talked into revealing new things about myself that I don’t think can be found anywhere else on the internet (yikes!), there’s an ebook giveaway at both sites. Please pop in to either or both blogs to enter the giveaway contests.

The winners will have a choice of prize – a digital copy of either:

Platinum Passion CoverPandoras Gift coverPlatinum Passion, a menage erotic romance and the first in my Gods of Love series about the Greek gods of desire and their interactions in modern-day society, or

Pandora’s Gift, a contemporary paranormal erotic romance published by Red Sage.

Platinum Passion is available at:

Amazon | Smashwords | All Romance ebooks | Barnes & NobleDiesel

Pandora’s Gift is available at:

Amazon | Red Sage Publishing | Borders | Powells

Six Sentence Sunday #3

Six Sentence Sunday #3

Pandoras Gift coverThis week’s Six Sentence Sunday is from my paranormal erotic romance, Pandora’s Gift, available at Amazon and Red Sage Publishing. Flint is a returned war veteran in a world of pain, Pandora an artist and mystic who helps guide troubled souls toward the light:


He could feel the heat radiating toward his fingertips from the shiny metal, knew it was impossible, and yet tonight, the impossible seemed real. Here with Pandora, in their private little oasis, disbelief could be suspended and anything could happen.

His fingers closed over the silver sculpture and he saw the shudder run through her as he caressed it, sweeping down one curving line and back up again, shifting his grip, releasing it, touching again, feather-light caresses as she closed her eyes and moaned from deep within her throat.

“So you feel that?” The roughness in his voice betrayed how hard it was to remain in control as she lay on the floor, arms and legs flung out in abandon, tendrils of hair going in all directions. He thought he had never before seen anything – or anyone – so beautiful.


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Ebook Gift Card Winner…

Ebook Gift Card Winner…

Thank you to everyone who visited my blog during this week’s launch of erotic romance, PLATINUM PASSION. I’m delighted to announce that the winner of the $20 Amazon or Barnes & Noble Gift Card is… Teresa K (chosen using

Congratulations, Teresa! I’ll be in contact to find out which type of gift card you’d prefer.

For those who didn’t win the gift card, there are still opportunities before Christmas to win a digital copy of PLATINUM PASSION (GODS OF LOVE#1) or the Red Sage release, PANDORA’S GIFT:

Platinum Passion CoverJoin the discussion at Love Romance Passion about what makes a good romance heroine – comment there before Dec 22nd and go in the draw to win a copy of PLATINUM PASSION.

Visit Getting Naughty Between the Stacks on Dec 20th where I’m blogging about menage love and the power of three – comment there before Dec 23rd and go in the draw to win – not one but THREE copies of either PLATINUM PASSION or PANDORA’S GIFT are up for grabs there.

And if you don’t want to wait and see if you’ve won, PLATINUM PASSION is available now  for only $1.99 USD at Amazon, Smashwords and All Romance ebooks.


PANDORA’S GIFT is on sale right now at All Romance ebooks!

Alpha males in romance: dominant hero or domineering villain?

Alpha males in romance: dominant hero or domineering villain?

Alpha romance heroIs there a difference between the über-alpha dominant male in romantic fiction and just plain arrogant bastard? Have your say over at Australian Romance Readers Association (ARRA) this week where I’m discussing what makes an alpha hero so alpha, and why I find them so seductive.

What are you looking for in a romance hero? I’d love to hear what you think.

Leave a comment on the ARRA post between 4th and 10th September 2011 and go in the draw to win an electronic copy of my erotic romance, Pandora’s Gift.

Jennifer Lynne 🙂 (You know what the smiley face is for!)

Find Jennifer Lynne’s books on Goodreads

Find Jennifer Lynne’s books on Goodreads

Jennifer Lynne’s books on Goodreads

Pandora's GiftPandora’s Gift

reviews: 1
ratings: 17 (avg rating 4.00)

Secrets Volume 28: Sensual CravingsSecrets Volume 28: Sensual Cravings

reviews: 4
ratings: 83 (avg rating 4.40)

Writing is HARD!

Writing is HARD!

I can’t seem to get back into the groove of it. I have several works in progress, some of them near complete, and every time I open one of them I just sit there staring at it. Why? What is wrong with me? I know I can write. I have two already published. I got great reviews. So what is stopping me third time around?

I’m pretty sure of the answer, actually. But I want to put it down here on my own blog, where I can see it clearly in black and white (well, technically white on purple) and hopefully, I can face it more directly that way.

Fear. Fear of failure. Fear of having “lost it”. Fear that this time around, I’ll get a rejection and everyone will know I just fluked it before. But that’s what the second one was for, wasn’t it? To prove to everyone (make that, myself) that it wasn’t just a one-off. And truth be told, I liked Pandora’s Gift even more than Seducing Serena. (Is it okay for an author to have a favourite book? Seems kind of disloyal to my firstborn, Serena, but I love her too not least because she was my first!). Its just that the writing seemed to flow much more easily the second time. It felt right.

But I stopped writing for a bit. Worked a day job, ran an internet business at night, ran teenage kids around all over the place, sold a house, moved, got sick, got better, got sick again. Hmm. Well. Now that I’m finally on the mend, the business is sold, the house is unpacked and the kids’ activities are relatively under control, I’m gonna give myself a piece of advice:

If you’re a writer, you write. Only 500 words at a time if thats what it takes to make it achievable. When, and only when, the story is finished, you edit. Then you think about submitting and all the emotional angst that comes with it. Not before. For today, just write, damn it!

I’m going to print that last sentence out and put it on the cork board above my computer. Hope it works!

Jennifer Lynne writes erotic romance and is published by Red Sage. Her first novella, Seducing Serena, appeared in the popular Secrets anthology (Secrets Volume 28 Sensual Cravings). Her second, Pandora’s Gift, is available as an e-book from Red Sage.