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Guest author Bianca Sarble – Flavour of the Month #NewRelease

Guest author Bianca Sarble – Flavour of the Month #NewRelease

Here’s a yummy treat for the year’s end from fellow Aussie author, Bianca Sarble. Her latest release, Flavour of the Month, is out now at Amazon.

Sydney, Australia - August 2011: Harbour with Opera House and BridgeBlurb

When Cate Gallagher thinks her day can’t get any worse, Patrick Garrett comes along to prove her wrong. The sexy stranger awakens her long forgotten libido but she knows from past experiences his type is best avoided at all costs.

Patrick is sure the chemistry between them will set the sheets on fire, if only she would give him a chance. He hatches a seduction plan to show her exactly how right they could be.

But getting the girl isn’t the only obstacle to their Happy Ever After. Misunderstandings and assumptions bring their heat level to boiling point and threaten to scorch their love.

Can Cate overcome her past and let Patrick show her she’s not just the Flavour Of The Month?


Taking a break from the Sunday morning breakfast rush, Cate rested her head on the cool surface of the stainless steel bench wishing the relief she needed would kick in. Either from the pain meds she’d taken for the massive headache, or the two blocks of chocolate she’d eaten to ease the sexual frustration. It seemed now her feminine parts had come out of hibernation, they wanted to feast on spring berries. Specifically, Patrick’s berries.

Gah! She really needed to stop thinking about him. Much more and she’d be studying the spam emails advertising the latest in sex toy technology for an online splurge. Her last vibrator had ended up in the trash with all other Paul related items and getting another one hadn’t been a priority. Until Patrick.

She needed to move, keeping busy was the key to forgetting about latex penises or real ones attached to handsome men who were off limits. She put her apron on over her black T-shirt and shorts on her way out to the main room and stopped dead.

There he was.

Ordering coffee from Millie, complete with panty drenching smile. If he aimed that thing her way again, she’d need another block or two of chocolate which wouldn’t keep her in a size sixteen for long. She tried to turn with the hope he hadn’t seen her.

Author Bio

Once upon a time, in a land called Australia, there lived a delightful young girl named Bianca who loved to read. As she grew older, her sarcastic tendencies and warped sense of humor became evident, as did her preference for raunchy romances.

Now, as well as reigning over their 1/4 acre kingdom with the handsome Prince that stole her heart and feeding their ever-growing children, she not only reads everything she can, but pens her own deliciously sexy stories.

Find Bianca at:

Guest author V.K. Black: Unexpected Places #Romance #Adventure

Guest author V.K. Black: Unexpected Places #Romance #Adventure

It has been a little while since I’ve had a guest here on the blog. I’m delighted today to welcome V. K. Black, whose latest release pairs sexy romance with an exciting treasure hunt. Over to you, V. K.!

Unexpected_Final (300)Thank you so much, Jennifer, for this opportunity to talk about my latest release, Unexpected Places, published by Escape Publishing. This book was so much fun to write! It’s a sexy action adventure romance where a handsome, hot-headed treasure hunter battles a sweet, but equally hot-tempered heroine for the possession of two priceless emeralds.

As the book’s tagline says:

One treasure map, one pair of priceless emeralds, two very keen hunters – only one can win, but who says that competition can’t be a little fun?

Here’s the blurb:

When sweet, pretty Ariana Noonan knocks out treasure hunter Luke Donahue with a champagne bottle and steals his treasure map, he vows to get his map back, find the missing priceless emeralds…and exact a fitting revenge.

When Luke finally discovers Ariana in a dingy hotel on a remote tropical island, she’s in desperate straits and he finally gains the upper hand. Of course he will rescue her. His price? They act on the attraction that’s been simmering between them from the very beginning.

But all is not as it seems, and Luke’s sexy bargain turns up not only an unbelievable secret, but Ariana’s reasons for wanting the emerald. Suddenly, nothing is clear-cut anymore, and map or no map, Luke and Ariana are sailing into uncharted territory.

Here’s a short excerpt:

They clinked glasses, her wine to his beer. Her lovely tits wobbled in invitation as their glasses met. She was even prettier than he’d first thought. Her face was delicate, with softly rounded cheekbones, a little, straight nose, a determined jaw that hinted at steel beneath the prettiness, and those full, kissable lips. His eyes took in the length of her thick, blonde hair and gorgeous creamy skin.

Okay, let’s see where you want to take this. Luke smiled at her again, raised an enquiring eyebrow and waited.

“Um, this is a lovely place,” she said.

“Yes,” he agreed, gravely, “it is.”

“But a little crowded, don’t you think?” she purred. Luke leaned down, catching a faint wisp of her flowery perfume as he tried to hear her words over the squeals of the girls behind them. Then she—what did she say her name was? Ariana? A pretty name—gave him a smile that left him in no doubt about what she wanted. Sex and his map, which was currently resting in his coat pocket. Well, little Ariana, that’s a big yes to the sex, but good luck with the map.

“Definitely too crowded. And that champagne is very ordinary. I have a nice bottle in my room, if you’d care to share it with me.” Always have a good bottle of champagne in your hotel room fridge. You never knew when it might come in handy. That policy had served him well for many years.

Lovely Ariana smiled the dazzling smile that had probably ripped off half a dozen men, and put her glass down on the table. Luke placed his hand under her elbow and guided her toward the lifts. Her skin was soft but firm. His cock harder than steel. He’d been treasure hunting for so long now, it had been a while since he’d had a woman. The added allure of payback made the idea of sex with this cute, little blonde doubly inviting.

As they rode up to his penthouse room, Ariana’s feminine perfume filled the small space. They stood, side by side, staring at the lift doors in silence.  He had no doubt she was thinking through her game plan, the same as he was.

Let the games begin.

You can find Unexpected Places on,,, Kobo, Google play, Nook, Booktopia, JB HIFI NOW Books, or go to Escape’s website.

Like to know more about V. K. Black? Please visit her website.

Interview with erotic author Belinda McBride

Interview with erotic author Belinda McBride

Today I have the pleasure of hosting award-winning erotic romance author, Belinda McBride. She’s written over 40 books, novellas and short stories, and she shares candidly in an interview about the ups and downs of her writing career. Please leave a comment and help welcome Belinda to my blog downunder!

Hi Belinda, can you share a little about your journey to publication?

Well, I had a couple false starts. Eons ago, I was a playwright and was actually contracted to write for a local theatre festival. Anyhow, I was in an auto accident that not only bashed my body, but my head as well. The head injury was minor but I had memory, cognitive and depression issues afterward. I had to re-learn to write and felt as though my creativity abandoned me. Years later, I purchased a laptop and in time, the creative spark came back. I began writing for fun and as a creative outlet, and in time, began to research the industry, which seemed poised to undergo some major changes. Turns out by choosing to submit to independent publishers, I’d taken the right path. 🙂

How long did it take to get published?

Well, that’s a question without a concrete answer. I wrote, subbed to and was ignored by one house, I missed the deadline at another house. When I finally figured out how the process worked, it went quickly. I subbed my first story in the summer of 2007. In the spring of 2008, I received 3 contracts over the course of a weekend. But in those months, I only subbed out to a couple publishers, I focused on writing the next project. My advice to new authors? Read the submissions page carefully, and follow up to make sure they got the manuscript.

What authors do you like to read?

Well there’s a big question! I love an awful lot of authors, and this week, I’ve been cleaning my bookshelves, sorting the keepers from the books I want to donate. Keepers include Patricia Briggs, Neil Gaiman, Laurell K Hamilton, Marjorie Liu, Nalini Singh, Gina Showalter, JR Ward and many others. In independent press, I read Z.A. Maxfield, Sarah Black, Joey Hill, Lynn Lorenz, Jessica Freely, Marie Harte, Cat Marsters, Kate Pierce, and many, many others. I know I’m dissing someone by not including them on this list!

Do you have a favorite genre in books?

As a general rule, I enjoy darker stuff, paranormal, urban fantasy and sci fi.

Is there a genre you’d like to try writing and haven’t yet?

I’m not particularly comfortable writing comedy and contemporary. Would I like to try them? Not really. I seem to want to throw in some kick, whether its kink related or something fantastical. I’ve done a couple short westerns, and I would like (and do plan) to write a longer western romance.

Tell us about your latest release.

My upcoming release (July 31st) is The Bacchi, which will release at Loose Id. It’s a m/m science fiction romance. Remember the seductive green alien from Star Trek? Well, this book features my version of a sexy green alien. His name is Lefi Dhrahn and he’s a Somian, which is a sensual species that is always born in twin pairs. Lefi is a twin orphan. He’s an elite prostitute and sex therapist. His love interest is Afton Teris, a police inspector from Valora. The Valorans are a hermaphrodite species who are brilliant, cerebrial and quite puritanical. Afton is shocked to find himself falling in love with a man, as he orients as a male and homosexuality is unknown within his culture. Together, Afton and Lefi investigate a slave trafficking ring that puts them both in danger.

Can you tell us a little about your current WIP?

I’ve got a couple I’m working on right now. My current manuscript is Dream Hunter, which is an Arcada book and the sequel to Blacque/Bleu. Blacque’s little brother Travis finds himself in an unexpected relationship with Dylan, a fae with dark designs on Arcada. I’m also starting Concrete Cowboy, which is the prequel to Gift of the Maggie, a holiday short I did at MLR Press. This is the love story of a cowboy who’s lost his roots and a rancher who thinks he’s lost his family.

Are you a plotter or a pantser?

I’m a pantser who plots. LOL! Seriously, I develop my characters quite thoroughly, because they are the foundation of the story. If you know your characters inside-out, they’ll do the majority of the work. I develop my plot by drafting a beginning, a middle and an ending with notes on major points, dialogue and situations. Then I let the characters go and carry the story along. I learned early that if I didn’t know where I was going, I’d never get there.

Do you have a favorite character in your books?

I have various favorites and they all tend to rise to the top at some point. Overall, I love Helios Dayspring. He’s very Taoist in many ways. He’s also a contradiction…a reluctant king, a sexual submissive who is also very dominant. He’s intuitive with his lover, humble in his role as king, but committed to making the best world possible for his people. He’s also got an amazing, wry sense of humor.

Lefi Dhrahn from The Bacchi comes to mind as well. He’s very compassionate though he’s in great personal pain. He eschews violence and fighting, yet he battles for Afton. He’s sunny but sometimes allows himself time to be very dark. I enjoyed writing him, particularly from Afton’s perspective.

What makes a great romance hero?

Sacrifice, flaws, a complex character, an absolute commitment to his lover. I do love alpha males like Griffin Hawke, but I also enjoy the subtler heroes like Afton Teris. Afton is no alpha, though he’s smart and dangerous. He’s a bit puritanical, and as a hermaphrodite, he’s got feminine characteristics. But Afton kicks ass and takes names! And once he gets past his angst about loving a man, he digs in his heels and will not be denied.

What makes a great romance heroine?

Many of the same elements. It’s no secret I love a kick-ass heroine. I like her to be the partner to her hero, but there’s so much room to play with heroines. She can be a tough heroine like Rose Lee and Belle Oakley, or she can be demure and delicate, but still formidable. One of my favorite heroines is Victoria from Dos Lunas. She’s a librarian and was modeled loosely off women like the late Caroline Kennedy and Grace Kelly. She’s a lady. She’s also a femme domme. I love her, she is confident and a top, but still wants the same thing from her man that any woman wants. Her lover Diego is made stronger and more complete with her as his partner.

What is the nicest thing a reviewer has ever said about one of your books?

Truly, I’ve been blessed because I’ve had an awful lot of reviews where so many nice things were said about my books. I’ve written over 40 books, novellas and short stories so there’s been a lot of reviewing going on. I do recall someone mentioned that I had the ability to dig into the psychology of my characters. And a reader said she’d like to spend an hour in my brain. LOL! (that gave me a terrifying visual!)

How do you balance writing with other aspects of your life?

Actually, I don’t. I try to stick to a schedule: business in the morning, family throughout the day, then writing at night. Unfortunately, the writing must come when it will, even if I’ve got other things planned. For me, I have to remember this is my job and sometimes it’s difficult for my family to understand that as well.

Erotic romance or erotica – is there a difference?

In my opinion, they are different genres. In erotica, the story is about the sexual journey. The sexuality is the plot. Without sex, there is no story because the story is the sex. It’s not pornography, some erotica rises to the highest artistic levels.

In erotic romance, the backbone of the genre is romance and the conventions of the romance genre must be observed: it’s the journey of two (or more) protagonists on their journey to an emotionally satisfying ending. Infidelity is a no-no, as is an unhappy ending. In erotic romance, the sex is part of the plot and character development. It should never be gratuitous. A sex scene advances the plot or reveals something about the characters. If you take the sex away, you cripple the story. If someone asks for a story that stands alone with the sex taken out, that is not erotic romance. It’s either gratuitous sex or a romance with sexual elements.

The Bacchi – available 31st July at Loose Id

(science fiction, M/M, intersexed)

Lefi Dhrahn lives a life of luxury and decadence, but is tortured by memories of a lost love. He survives the pain by surrounding himself with sex, beauty and all forms of self-indulgence. When he meets the alluring Inspector Afton Teris, Lefi believes the detective will make a very nice addition to his string of conquests.

He doesn’t count on falling in love.

Afton Teris is a Valoran hermaphrodite and like all members of his species, is stern, cerebral and disapproves of the frivolous prostitute. Afton orients as a male, but the beautiful Lefi Dhrahn stirs him sexually, making him question everything he knows about himself. To further confuse his emotions, Afton finds himself tempted by the forbidden pleasures surrounding the Bacchi.

When a kidnapping ring strikes close to home, the two go undercover on a brothel barge to investigate a slavery operation. There, Lefi is confronted by painful memories from his past, while Afton is faced with a horror that threatens his future, and perhaps his very life.

Their survival lies with one another, but only if Lefi can set aside his pain and listen to his heart.

Raine Delight – Love of a good book…or two

Raine Delight – Love of a good book…or two

My guest today is erotic romance author, Raine Delight. She’s here to discuss her love of books, and her exciting June 20th release, A Summer Night Fling. Here’s Raine:

Love of a good book…or two

I am a self-proclaimed book addict. There, I said it. Confessed it to the entire world and I see no end in sight over my addiction. I am not sorry over my addiction. I absolutely love the written word in its many forms. From the first book I picked up (Good Night Moon) to my love of erotic romance & GBLT Books, I have graduated to different genres and spiciness as I grew up to an adult.

As the seasons change here, there seems to be a burst of wonderful books coming out along with the daffodils and cherry blossoms. I am not sure how this happens, but I do know once spring/summer gets here, my reading list explodes and my poor honey moans he is going to need to build a new room for all my books that I get. I can’t help it. My inner book addict loves books, be it an e-book or print copy. Doesn’t matter to her as long as she gets her fix! She is like a junkie…when she sees a really good excerpt/book blurb; she just has to have it. I swear there has to be a 12-step program for book addicts. You know, where we all introduce ourselves and say “Yes I am a book addict” to a round of applause and encouragement. I think we could even get a reality TV show…what do you think? Would that work? I think so. I am sure the possibilities are endless as are the choices of some new (or oldies but goodies) favorites to enjoy. So this summer, my goal is to reign in my wild child inner book addict so my poor honey doesn’t complain too much on all my books. Really…going…to…try but its sooooo hard…must….have…this book.

A Summer Night Fling by Raine Delight

Paranormal M/M short story found in Hot Summer Fun Anthology

Available June 20th 2012

More information along with upcoming buy links HERE.

Cal Larson wasn’t expecting to find a hot, sexy man stuck in a tree as he took his morning walk in the woods. When he meets Alex sparks fly and these two will find that love is waiting to claim them. Except Alex has a secret…one that may bring danger to Cal’s doorstep. Can Cal find it in his heart to accept Alex and let this one-night stand turn into something much more?

Teaser Excerpt (PG)

Three months earlier…Cal Larson walked into his house and knew something was different. The feeling of peace, of home, escaped him that moment. He tried to figure out what it was as he tossed his coat over the stair railing and asked, “Hey, Mal, you around?

Silence answered him. He walked across the foyer to the living room, searching for his lover of five years. After spying no one in the room, he moved deeper into the house, his heart starting to pound and an uneasy feeling making his stomach churn. When opening the kitchen door revealed nothing, he made his way back to the stairwell and ran up to the master bedroom. Hoping that Malcolm was in the shower, he walked into the room and stopped short. Drawers were open, clothes scattered, but no Malcolm was in sight.

He ran over to the closet and saw the empty space where his lover’s clothes should have been. The suitcases they used on trips were gone, and with a heavy heart he sat down on the bed, anguish running through his soul.

“What the heck happened?” Cal turned to see the destruction of the room he had given him so many wonderful memories. Of Malcolm coming toward him, naked after a shower, smelling fresh and manly, and all he needed to do was touch Cal and he was lost.

Hearing a crinkle of paper, he turned and discovered a piece of crumpled paper stuck in the sheets of the bed. Smoothing it out as best he could, he saw it was from Malcolm.

Dear Cal,

By now you know I am gone. I can’t do this anymore. I have fallen out of love with you and moved on. I am sorry for this but hope you can forgive me eventually.

My best,


Blinking with shock, Cal stared at the paper in disbelief. His lover had decided to leave…without even saying goodbye or offer an explanation at that. He left a ‘Dear John’ letter and wiped his hands of five years of being a couple. What happened to loving one another and giving each other support as they pursued their dreams?

“Well goddamn me to hell and back,” Cal swore as he stood up and walked out of the room, never glancing back while the letter slowly fell to the ground.

About Raine Delight:

Raine Delight loves to be pampered by her harem of men that exist solely for her pleasure. Wait…that was in a movie she saw. Hey, she can dream. Raine loves to fight with her muse, attack her manuscripts and find a way to silence the many voices in her head. Inspiration hits at odd times and for Raine, a blank word document page gives her many possibilities on story ideas.  Living with her two kids, a significant other who supports her every move in writing and doesn’t seem to mind she gets up at 2 am to type away on the computer. With a love for Johnny Depp, movies and 80’s hair bands, Raine finds a way to bring all her chaotic thoughts into a story that tells her readers about love and romance.



Author/Reader Loop


Secret Cravings Publishing

Haunting Magic Book Trailer

Red Hot Magic Book Trailer

A Summer Night Fling Book Trailer

We always hurt the ones we love – guest author Dianne Hartsock

We always hurt the ones we love – guest author Dianne Hartsock

It is my pleasure today to bring you Dianne Hartsock. I love her erotic M/M writing, and I’m glad she’s back for a repeat visit. This time, she’s also offering a giveaway of the Ad-Dick-tion Anthology to one lucky commenter:

Hi Jennifer! *waves* Thanks so much for having me back on your lovely blog.

Recently a friend of mine, Elin Gregory, asked me this question: I understand Eran is from a very abusive background, likewise your eponymous hero Alex, and Nathaniel too is in danger when Taden rescues him. Is there any particular reason why you find this scenario such fertile ground for growing your plots?

Honestly, I hadn’t done it consciously. But she’s right. My stories are m/m erotic for the most part, and there’s something about those gorgeous males that compels me to make them work for their HEA.

Don’t mistake me! I love my characters in all their faults and glory. But just like real life, my heroes come with baggage. I like to think my stories are not just character driven, but emotion driven. I like to climb right into my heroes skin and feel every touch and caress and pain with them. The deeper I can delve the better I like it. And what emotions run deeper than fear and anguish and love and friendship and betrayal?

Let’s start with my lovely Shelton, who falls in love with a beautiful playboy in ‘Shelton in Love’. I could have let Nevil return his feelings. But where’s the fun in that? Nevil wants to taste what Shelton has to offer, then go on his merry way to the next man.

But that challenge wasn’t enough in itself. Not enough angst! I had to have Shelton have a disfigurement that makes him shy away from casual sex. He’d been laughed at in the past and didn’t think he could bear it from Nevil.

In ‘Shelton’s Promise’ and ‘Shelton’s Choice’, we have ex-lovers and jealousy and a car accident and job promotions that try to tear the heart right out of my poor hero. It isn’t until the fourth book, ‘Shelton’s Homecoming’ (due out this summer) that Nevil puts all Shelton’s insecurities to rest in one grand gesture of love and commitment.

With Alex, I wanted to write a story about a person with psychic abilities. I wondered what might have happened in his childhood to bring out this rare characteristic. It’s not that I enjoyed making him suffer. Far from it! But I felt that his isolation and pain would make him turn inward, enhancing whatever mental capabilities he might have.

With Nathaniel, it’s more of a question of mental illness. His people have natural psychic abilities, but sometimes this power will twist a person’s mind until they can no longer control it. In this story I focused more on Nathaniel’s lover, Taden. Taden’s life has left him ill-prepared for the wonder that is Nathaniel. He’s a titled landowner, master of the family home and lands, and although he hasn’t seen war in his lifetime, uneasiness is growing between his country and the Sutherlins pushing at their border. He’s heard of magic users, but they belong to the far past. How does he come to terms with the fact that the man he loves might be a witch?

And now we come to my latest hero, Eran, from Eran’s Release, part of the Ad-Dick-tion Anthology. In Eran’s case, this is a contemporary story involving the painful subject of child abuse. This is another tragic background for one of my heroes, but it’s a part of who Eran is. There are so many emotions involved here, and Eran’s happiness is all the sweeter to see because of it.

So yes, all my heroes do have personal trials to overcome, but isn’t that something we all have? To me, it makes them a little more real.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

At this time I’d like to offer a PDF copy of the Ad-Dick-tion Anthology to one commenter who can tell me what their favourite trait is in a hero.

Eran’s Release

Breathless Press

Paul isn’t attracted to Eran—he’s intoxicated by the shy, sensual younger man. He’s also confused by Eran’s mixed signals. However, the sight of Eran injured and bruised arouses a protective passion that surprises Paul. Determined to protect Eran from his brutal past, Paul discovers his future.


Paul rested his chin on his hand and stared into the stained bottom of his espresso cup. People came and went in the coffee shop around him, but their laughter and bright conversation only underscored his loneliness.

He played the events from Christmas Eve over in his mind, coming to the same conclusion as before: Eran had set him up to make a fool of him. What other explanation could there be? Damn it. He’d waited half an hour for the man to show while the snow piled up on the sidewalks and his face grew numb with cold.

He’d finally gone back into the coffee shop, only to learn that Eran had slipped out the back way and gone home. Paul ran a hand over his face and through his brown curls. Why had he come back when the man who fueled his fantasies ignored him and ultimately snubbed him?

Paul picked up the small cup, then remembered it was empty and set it carefully on its saucer. He’d deliberately chosen a table in the section Eran routinely waited on, only to watch the graceful body approach every table but his.

A mocking smile touched his lips. What else did I expect? He’d come to the shop tonight to demand an answer. Maybe this is it. Eran clearly wasn’t interested and Paul was too dense to take the hint.

He glanced at his watch. The shop had closed ten minutes ago and the last of the customers were walking out the door. Just great. He shoved the cup and saucer away from him and swore as they shot off the end of the table. He started to rise to his feet, only to sit back heavily as Eran came over. “Let me get that for you.”

Paul’s mouth went dry as Eran bent over. White skin showed where Eran’s shirt separated from the low cut jeans and Paul instantly wanted to know its taste. Eran knelt to get the cup that had rolled under the table and Paul’s cock perked up, pushing painfully against his slacks as the tight jeans slipped lower on Eran’s hips. Paul imagined sliding his tongue into the warm cleft of Eran’s ass and shivered.

His gaze roamed over the creamy skin, then froze at the sight of an ugly bruise spreading from Eran’s hip up under his shirt. He must have made a sound because Eran glanced at him, his blue eyes widening at whatever was showing in his face.

Paul forced his hands to unclench. “Who hurt you?” he demanded, not caring that Eran had made it plain he didn’t want Paul in his life.

The beautiful eyes blinked several times, then Eran glanced hastily around the deserted coffee shop. They were alone except for the girl Eran worked with, who from the sound of it was busy washing dishes in the back room.

Eran climbed stiffly to his feet and Paul jabbed a finger at the chair opposite him, relieved when Eran sat down without argument. Paul leaned across the table only to have Eran inexplicably start back, then flush and stare at his clasped hands, his chest heaving.

Pity and anger tightened Paul’s heart. If that hadn’t been a conditioned response… Someone’s been hitting this boy, often. He choked back his fury. He’d have to tread very carefully here.

“It hurt when you didn’t meet me Christmas Eve,” he said quietly. “Is there a reason you made me feel like shit, or do you get off setting men up just so you can slap them back down?”

Eran looked miserable and Paul forced himself not to gather the young man in his arms and comfort him. That would come later. Right now he needed to gain Eran’s trust.

He waited patiently while Eran ran a hand through his dark hair, pulling it down to partially hide his eyes. “It’s not like that at all,” Eran said earnestly, folding and unfolding his hands, then clasping them in his lap. “I got a call from my sister and had to leave. I didn’t have time to tell you.”

“You couldn’t send someone with a message?”

Eran’s jaw dropped. He hadn’t thought of that, apparently. He looked suddenly very young and Paul frowned. “You’re eighteen, right?”

“Twenty-one last month,” Eran shot back, then crossed his arms on his chest. Paul smiled inwardly, wondering if he seemed like the mysterious older man, though twenty-five wasn’t that old.

He moistened his lips and watched, fascinated, as Eran licked his own lips in response. Paul groaned, wanting to nibble the pale lips and swallow Eran’s tongue. The blood rushed to his dick as he imagined that luscious mouth sucking him into its wet heat. He dropped a hand on his lap to rearrange his cramped member and felt it jump as color flooded Eran’s cheeks. Damn. The boy is hotter than hell.

He cleared his throat, gambling everything on the startled awareness he saw in the blue eyes. “Will you go out with me tonight? There’s sure to be a movie playing somewhere, or we can walk on the waterfront.” Or whatever the fuck you want.

Dianne Hartsock:  Blog  |  Facebook  Twitter  Goodreads


Interview with Havan Fellows – M/M erotic author

Interview with Havan Fellows – M/M erotic author

Today on my blog I have a special treat for lovers of M/M erotic romance – an interview with erotic author, Havan Fellows.

Why thank you, Jennifer Lynne, for having me on your blog today…and may I say what a lovely blog you have *winks*…*coughs* sorry, I can’t control my mouth sometimes.

Hello, my name is Havan Fellows and I write stories. Hopefully they are stories that you want to read and get lost in…tales that take you away from your everyday issues and land you smack dab in the middle of my characters everyday issues…hehe. I predominantly write M/M erotic romance and just love it.

Sooooo…*plops down on love seat and winks at my lovely host* you ready to play?

Oh, yes, Havan, I love to play! Can you share a little about your journey to publication?

Sure *chuckles*…I wrote all kinds of things as a kiddo and teenager: shorts, full length novels, poetry…but real life and two kiddos of my own took precedence. Then one day later in life *cough* much later *cough* I decided to give it a go again. My kiddo showed me the wonders of Facebook and I met some of the most awesome and supportive people—including my very own prized and worshipped muse, who talked me into finishing some of the things I started and encouraged me to go for it.

Do you have a favorite genre in books?

For reading—no, I literally read all kinds and they don’t have to have any romance in them either…it just depends on the plot.  For writing—I’m most comfortable with M/M, but I haven’t quite spread my wings yet…next year it could be something completely different. Though I will always have a special place in my heart for M/M *sighs happily*.

Is there a genre you’d like to try writing and haven’t yet?

I would love to give horror a go…but not the slice n dice type of horror (though I love that too lol)…I want to do what I call a mind freak type of book—yes I am using the word ‘freak’ in place of another word *blushes*…hey, my mom could be reading this…*heads desk giggling*

Tell us about your latest release.

Well, my latest release, Emery’s Ritches, is the second book in my Synchronous Seductions series—but can be read as a standalone book. It is about two extremely stubborn men—one is manipulative and one is snarky—and how they have to give a little to get a lot. Writing about Emery and Ritchie wasn’t easy…many times I wanted to throw my netbook across the room and teach them a lesson, but their story had to be finished for everyone’s sanity to prevail.


Ritchie Lymings is wallowing in self-pity after seeing the man he loves—his best friend—reunited with his arch enemy. He’s drowning his sorrows in coffee and caramel when an irritating stranger barges into his life, determined to make him smile. Even if this interloper is too dense to understand his faux pas, Ritchie figures he may be good for a quickie to get his mind off of his immediate situation. A simple round of love ’em and leave ’em sounds promising.

Emery Hutchins recognizes Ritchie immediately when he stops for his morning coffee and breakfast. His friend Ryder had been telling him stories about “the infuriating twit” for years. Fate and coincidence were two things that normally gave Emery cause for pause, but he couldn’t let this opportunity pass him by. Unable to relinquish control to fate though, he immediately devises a plan to make the deliciously snarky Ritchie his own, one hundred percent completely.

But for these two diverse personalities there is one major problem. How can Ritchie’s attitude and Emery’s meticulousness blend together, or is this an oil and water mess?

Can you tell us a little about your current WIP?

Oh, I have three WIPs on the front burner—and for a non-cooking mama that’s a lot of burners going! lol Seriously, I’ve got the Road Trip anthology I’m working on for the Story Orgy (love them!!!) based on prompts sent in from our readers. I’m also working on my first ever shifter story and I just started a brand new blog story for my Monday Story Orgy postings. Now if I could just say I am finished on something instead of working on it…lol

Are you a plotter or a pantser?

Boy does that ever sound dirty *snickers*…I happen to be a pantser…usually pajama pantser mind you…hehe…unfortunately I have no idea what is happening in my story most of the times until I sit down to write. Don’t get me wrong…I usually have an idea of how I’d like a story to progress in my head—but as for outlining and note taking and all that jazz…I don’t have enough discipline for that *sighs* but I’d really like to one day…of course the day I do my boys will mutiny against me and do whatever they want anyway…*shrugs* Pretty much a no-win situation right? lol

I know what that feels like! So, do you have a favorite character in your books?

Okay…I answered this same question in another interview and the moment I did the voices in my head went berserk!! So no more answering this one…for fear of certain voices strutting it while others take out hits on them…yeah it wasn’t pretty…

What makes a great romance hero?

I don’t believe that you can label a great romance hero like that…it isn’t a certain build or personality or belief system…in Emery’s Ritches both guys are annoying men that will test your faith…but they both have very good redeemable qualities and both deserve to love and be loved in return. The simple man is just as worthy to be a great romance hero as the extraordinary man is…and this goes the same for women.

How do you balance writing with other aspects of your life?

Very carefully…*face palm giggling*

Alrighty then…thank you again for having me, Jennifer…*big smiles*…I love your place and especially your company *winks*. Here…scoot a little closer to me *pats cushion on love seat* and let me read you an excerpt from my new release Emery’s Ritches


“Oh wow, and here I feared the worst, that you would never break through that dark look and smile. Now that I’ve seen your smile, I’m pretty sure I never want to see you without it.”

Snapping out of his daydream, Ritchie turned to the intruding voice and set eyes on the sexiest man he’d seen in a long time. Short golden hair on the sides, longer in front, clear silver-blue eyes, high forehead, and pouty cupid’s bow lips. Hot damn, he’s a god.

After a few tense seconds, Ritchie finally found his voice and attempted to put it to good use. “Can I help you?” Okay, not good use, but use at least.

“Most definitely, in so many ways too.”

Ritchie’s brows drew together and he couldn’t hold back the growl. “Excuse me?”

The man smiled, wide and easy. “I wondered if I could share this table with you? This place gets busy in the blink of an eye. Plus I seem to have bought two coffees and two scones so I was thinking we could have breakfast together.” And with that, he placed two cups and the single plate with two cinnamon chip scones he had meticulously juggled onto the table. He then proceeded to make himself at home in the chair across from Ritchie.

Ritchie glanced around and noted at least three empty tables, and pointedly glared back at his interloper.

That easy breezy grin didn’t falter and the man didn’t miss a beat. “That table wobbles, almost spilled a whole cup of their hazelnut all over me the other morning.” He pointed to empty table number one. Then he directed his finger at empty table number two. “Sitting right next to that table you’ll find Mrs. Glein. She’s a widow and sweet as pie, but keeps insisting I meet with this mysterious grandson of hers named Stevie. Now considering she only has one grandchild, a beautiful woman named Stephanie, I figure she wants to convert me. I would rather skip that conversation this morning.” Ritchie glanced over at the old lady. She smiled widely at the stranger and he waved and nodded back in acknowledgment.

Then he turned his attention to the third table that now housed two students with their laptops. “And darn if I didn’t just miss that table by a millisecond. Good thing I got this seat when I did, huh?”

Ritchie took another sip of his coffee, trying to process how to lose this guy. He was obviously ill in some department no matter how hot he might be. Ritchie tilted his cup all the way back, then remembered it was empty. He set the mug back down a little too heavily causing a loud clacking noise that caused many of the patrons to look up with disapproving glares.

Then he looked back at his company, who held the extra steaming cup out to him. “Caramel latte, I believe?”

Begrudgingly, Ritchie took the cup and sipped some more. Damn near everything could be solved with the blessed combination of coffee and caramel. Staring into those clear silver-blue eyes from across the table, he stressed the damn near part.

“So, to what do I owe the great honor of your company?”

Grinning (of course, Ritchie mentally rolled his eyes) the man said, “You can owe the great honor to the fact that I didn’t want to eat breakfast alone. Usually I don’t mind, but when I noticed you so melancholy I decided today I minded.”

Ritchie nodded. “Ah, I get it now. You’re one of those do-gooders that just has to stick his nose where it isn’t wanted. Come to turn my frown upside down, have you? Thanks, I appreciate the pity, but I’m doing just fine pitying myself. Don’t need your help.”

“But you did need my coffee and you do need to eat something.” He placed one of the scones on a napkin in front of Ritchie.

“What are you, my mother?”

He winked at Ritchie. “Not exactly, I don’t have the proper equipment for that. Though now I think I should start pitying myself that you didn’t notice.” And for the first time throughout this whole weird interaction, the stranger’s smile turned into an exaggerated version of a pout.

Ritchie rolled his eyes for real this time, and against his will, he felt himself smirking in response to that pout.

“Ah ha!” Not surprisingly the pout disappeared. “I knew I would break down your defenses eventually. So who is he?”

“Excuse me?” Hadn’t he already said that during this conversation?

“Who’s the guy that’s got you all knotted up? Only way for someone to look that downcast is when love’s involved. Since you aren’t all pissy and mad, well, not any more than what I assume’s the norm for you,” the man chuckled at his own joke, “I have to deduce that it’s unrequited love. The guy obviously doesn’t understand what a joyful gem you are. So I repeat, who is he? Shall I hunt him down and explain the error of his ways?” He popped a bit of scone into his mouth and managed to smile through the closed-mouth chewing process.

“I’m sorry, am I putting off a vibe saying that I’m a people person or something? Because if so, I need to fix my vibe-o-meter. What makes you think it’s a guy anyway?”

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Everyone is beautiful at the ballet – guest post by Laura Sheehan

Everyone is beautiful at the ballet – guest post by Laura Sheehan

This post by guest author, Laura Sheehan, really moved me when I read it. I am pleased to be able to hand over my blog today to Laura, who was kind enough to share her story and showcase her new Red Sage  release, Dancing With Danger:

As Bebe says in A Chorus Line, “Everyone is beautiful at the ballet.”

I couldn’t agree more. Dance was my saving grace. On stage, I was beautiful.  And eventually, dancing helped me realize that I was just as beautiful off-stage.

You see, I was born with a cleft lip and palate. I was in and out of hospitals throughout my childhood. I had my first operation when I was a few months old, and my last at age 14.  That last surgery was the one I’d been looking forward to since I was old enough to realize that I was “different.”  In addition to the scar on my lip, the gaping hole in the roof of my mouth, and my awkwardly placed teeth, my nose was also deformed. It was assymetrical, slightly off-center, wide and flattish.

The most common question I’d been asked (even more common than “How are you?”) was “What’s wrong with your nose?” I was so very tired of answering that question, and dealing with the bouts of self-consciousness that inevitably followed.

That last surgery, just a few weeks before high-school started, was supposed to fix everything.  It would be the final attempt to close my stubborn cleft palate, and at the same time, the surgeons would “fix” my messed-up nose and make me look normal. I didn’t expect to be made beautiful (as my tactless surgeons made very clear), but I didn’t care about that.

Unlike most young teenage girls, I wasn’t dying to attract the attention of boys.  I didn’t wear skimpy skirts in the hopes of getting whistles from the football jocks as I walked past the field. I wasn’t into make-up or fashion or crazy hairstyles.

No, what I wanted was to walk down the hallways at school and NOT be stared at. I wanted, for once in my life, to blend in, to not have to constantly explain my face, to be normal.

When I finally took the nose cast off (just 24 hours before my first day as a freshman), I was overwhelmed.  My nose was so much better! It was skinnier, straighter, less-flat, and although it was still a bit asymmetrical, it was so much closer to “normal.” I walked into high-school with my chin held high and my confidence soaring.

When I caught a cute boy staring at me in my AP Biology course in 2nd period, I did something I’d never done before: I returned his look and smiled.

And then he leaned over and asked me, “What’s wrong with your nose?”

I won’t go into my devastation at hearing those five words.

Instead, I’ll tell you what happened in my ballet class just a few hours later. My ballet mistress, Miss Pamela Langevin, was a gorgeous, tall, red-headed beauty. She was graceful, talented, and elegant. So when she came over to me during class and told me that my arms and hands reminded her of her own, I almost cried. When she pulled me aside after class and asked me if I’d ever considered a career as a professional dancer, all thoughts of that stupid boy in AP biology flew out the window.  She told me I had a special “something” when I danced, that I shined.  She said that it was hard to take her eyes off me when I lost myself in the movement.

And for the first time, I realized that I liked the idea of people looking at me, of people’s eyes being stuck on me. I liked the idea of being in the spotlight, of being the center of attention.

Because everyone is beautiful at the ballet.

Lily, the heroine of Dancing With Danger, is a professional dancer who only lets her guard down when she’s performing. She can bring an audience to its knees when she dances on stage, but until she meets Marc, she has no idea she can be equally as passionate off stage.

What experiences in your life have helped you realize how special and capable you are?  Share your story in the comments below!

Dancing With Danger Book Blurb:

Lily Brookstone has always been fiercely independent.  She learned to take care of herself when she was just a child, when her mother died and her workaholic father refused to make her a priority. Now she’s a dancer struggling to make it in Los Angeles, and the town hasn’t been easy on her. First her father disowned her, then she was injured on the job and dropped by her agent. Now, she’s working three jobs to make ends meet, and, oh yeah, she has somehow managed  to pick up a stalker.  In short, Los Angeles has not been kind. But then she meets Marc, a tough LAPD officer who is determined to break through her defensive walls. Lily might be able overcome her untrusting nature and allow him to protect her life, but what about her heart?

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Guest author Emily Cale – becoming a hockey fan

Guest author Emily Cale – becoming a hockey fan

I’m truly excited to bring you a “decadent” treat today. I’m handing over my blog to guest author Emily Cale from Decadent Publishing:

Becoming a Hockey Fan

I grew up in the middle of nowhere. To be more specific, I grew up in Wyoming. In case you aren’t familiar with the state, I’ll give you a quick fact: We don’t have any professional sports teams. Nope, not a single one. That means that I grew up watching high school games (when forced) and the occasional college tournament. Sure, most people in the area adopt the Colorado teams as their own, especially when Denver is only two hours away.

So how did I end up writing a hockey book? Well, I moved to Pittsburgh. They love sports. Seriously. After a few months here, I realized that even if I didn’t watch a single game, I needed to take the time to at least look at the scores in the morning before I stepped out of my house. Telling someone I didn’t know anything about the previous night’s game got a similar response to telling someone that I decided to sacrifice my cat to a pagan god.

Then the parties started. In one year, the Pittsburgh Steelers (football) won the Super Bowl and the Pittsburgh Penguins (hockey) won the Stanley Cup. I went to a lot of parties. At first, I was incredibly confused, and while I still don’t understand football, I found that hockey actually was worth watching. The more I watched, the more I loved it. So when an idea popped into my mind to write a series about a team of hockey players, I couldn’t wait to get started.

The first of that series has recently released as part of Decadent Publishing’s 1 Night Stand line and the second, Power Play, is now contracted! If you love hockey players, hot between the sheets action, and a few surprises, I hope you’ll give Goalie Interference a try.

Goalie Interference Blurb
By Emily Cale and Angela S. Stone

Hockey goalie Tarah ‘TJ’ Elliot is too busy stopping pucks to go looking for love. When her friend Natalie sets her up through Madame Eve’s 1 Night Stand service, she grudgingly agrees to go. Her ultimate fantasy comes true when Scott Alarid, one of the top scorers in the league, shows up at her hotel room. Hockey player TJ can’t possibly spend a night with him, but Tarah certainly can.

Scott’s tired of dealing with women who only like him for his all-star status. After his teammates arrange a date for him using the 1NS website, he’s delighted to find a woman who doesn’t know a thing about the sport. But, will the truth force them to put their relationship on ice?

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You can find Emily Cale online on her website or on Twitter.