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Chance to WIN $100 Amazon Gift Card plus 17 #eBooks #TasteOfRomance #Freebies #Kindle

Chance to WIN $100 Amazon Gift Card plus 17 #eBooks #TasteOfRomance #Freebies #Kindle

Hi folks! My local writers group, the Melbourne Romance Writers Guild, has an awesome giveaway running right now, and there’s still time to enter the draw if you haven’t already done so. Not only will the winner will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card – a fantastic prize in itself – but there are also 17 eBooks from romance authors including Annie West, Kandy Shepherd and Stefanie London as well as newly emerging authors. There’s even one of mine in the mix (Heart’s Destiny)!

It’s super-easy to enter the draw via Rafflecopter – and there are opportunities for multiple entries if you want to increase your chances of winning.

The prize will be drawn December 19th, 2016 – just in time for a happy holiday spending spree and reading frenzy!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Participating Authors:

  • Andra Ashe – Miss Blaine’s Misconduct
  • Annie West – Back In The Italian’s Bed
  • Annie West – Bought By The Italian
  • Cassandra O’Leary – Chocolate Truffle Kiss
  • Charmaine Ross – My Fair Bogan
  • Dora Bramden – A Dance With The Laird
  • Fiona Miers – Sarah’s Duke
  • Jennifer Lynne – Heart’s Destiny
  • Jess Devine – Hearts Symphony
  • Kandy Shepherd – A Greek Tycoon’s Mistletoe Proposal
  • Kim Cleary – Path Unchosen
  • Kim Cleary – Truth Unveiled
  • Lena Lowe – Something I Need
  • Michelle Somers – Murder Most Unusual*
  • Samara Parish – The General’s Daughter
  • Stefanie London – Pretend It’s Love
  • Tamsin Baker – Prowling The Vet

*This book will be available January 2017. The winner will receive a pre-release copy in early January.

Guest post by K D Grace – Going Pear-Shaped #Erotic #Romance

Guest post by K D Grace – Going Pear-Shaped #Erotic #Romance

the-tutor-kd-grace_promosquare_outnow_finalGiveaway: To celebrate the release of The Tutor, K D Grace is giving away a $30/£20 Amazon gift voucher. Scroll down to enter via Rafflecopter for your chance to win!

Without further ado, it’s over to K D…

Thanks so much for helping me celebrate the release of The Tutor, Jennifer. It’s a pleasure to be your guest today and chat with your lovely readers. Today I’m very happy to be talking about pears.

That’s right, pears, as in the canned kind – the ones in heavy syrup. Fresh fruit, they ain’t, but slippery and sticky and sweet, they are. Honestly, I can’t imagine any writer of erotic romance not being inspired by slippery, sticky and sweet. Add to that the shape of a pear half, and I’m sure you see where I’m heading.

But why pears, you may ask? Whose hat did I pull that one out of? The answer to that would be Kay Jaybee’s hat. Well, she pulled it out for me, actually. And here’s how it happened. It all started at a workshop Kay was teaching at Smut Manchester last October. I still remember the smug little smile on Ms. Jaybee’s face when she handed me a writing prompt on slip of paper. Yup! You guessed it. My prompt was a can of pears in heavy syrup, which my character was to pick up in a grocery store just before being called to the storeroom of said store over the loudspeaker for some unknown reason. I have to be honest, I lucked out. Poor Ashley Lister ended up with a packet of cheese slices. Not sure where I’d have taken that little jewel. Let’s face it, pears are just sexier and a lot more inspiring than cheese – no matter how tasty.

From pears in heavy syrup to an outrageously sexy haphephobic sculptor and the woman he longs to touch but can’t – it might seem like quite a stretch, but inspiration is like that, isn’t it? Several years ago I wrote a short story about a haphephobic sculptor and a woman who stumbles onto his erotic sculpture garden. Somehow the story felt like it wasn’t enough, like there was a lot more to be told. Who could have imagined that it would take a tin of pears to bring the sculptor and a struggling writer, together in a way that involves not only pears, but rude sculptures, food fights, an artist’s touch, a writer’s eloquence and a journey of trust. God, it was fun to write!

And the inspiration proved spot-on. More than any other novel I’ve ever written, The Tutor feels like a community effort, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Smut Manchester, and Kay Jaybee’s workshop were in the middle of October. I wrote the entire draft of The Tutor during the following month of November, which was National Novel Writing Month. Through December and January I finished the final draft and sold it to the wonderful folks at Totally Bound. And here we are a year later having come full circle with a celebration of The Tutor’s release beginning with a launch party at Smut Manchester 2016 and followed swiftly by a tour of some amazing blogs. Who’d have imagined the chain of events set in motion by a simple can of pears?

thetutor_800When physical touch is impossible, intimacy may become a powerful work of art or a devastating nightmare—but, above all, it’s an act of trust.

Struggling writer, Kelly Blake has a secret life as a sex tutor. Celebrated sculptor and recluse, Alexander ‘Lex’ Valentine, can’t stand to be touched. When he seeks out Kelly’s advice incognito, the results are too hot to handle. When Kelly terminates their sessions due to what she considers her unprofessional behavior, Lex takes a huge risk, revealing his identity to her at a gala exhibition, his first ever public appearance. When Kelly helps the severely haphephobic Lex escape the grope of reporters and paparazzi, rumors fly that the two are engaged, rumors encouraged by well-meaning friends and colleagues.

The press feeding frenzy forces Kelly into hiding at Lex’s mansion where he convinces her to be his private tutor just until the press loses interest, and she can go back home. They discover quickly that touch is not essential for sizzling, pulse-pounding intimacy. But intimacy must survive the secrets uncovered as their sessions become more and more personal.

Buy links:

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Totally Bound Publishing:

The Tutor Excerpt – Lessons in Pears (18+ only!)

“Was this your idea or Dillon’s? Kelly asked, hoping to relax him.

“It was mine, after Andy told Dillon and he told me. I thought it was something that I …” The muscles along Lex’s jaw looked as though they were made out of iron, and a fine blush crawled up his neck tinting his ears bright pink. “I’ve never touched a woman … in that way.” He forced a laugh. “Obviously. I’ve …” the blush deepened and he avoided her gaze. “I’ve put lube on some of the sculptures – you know — down there, but I … well it isn’t the same.”

“The pears won’t be either,” she said, her heart suddenly aching at the physical isolation this man endured on a daily basis, and it wasn’t just her heart that ached, she felt his lack deep in her core. It had been easier with Andy. She had been almost flippant with him. She was sorry for that now. She spread one of the towels on the Queen Anne chair across from him and settled herself onto it so they were facing each other. “The texture will be different and with the pear there’ll be less give.” She dipped her fingers in the bowl and rubbed the heavy juice between her index finger and her thumb. “If you touch a woman, she’ll be much warmer.” She gave him a conspiratorial smile. “You’ll be amazed at how warm and how soft she’ll be down there when she’s ready to be touched. With Andy, this,” she nodded down to the pears, “was improvisation, this was the best I could do under the circumstances, but a woman, well a woman feels like nothing you’ve ever touched before.”

He was no longer avoiding her gaze. His eyes were locked on her, and he was struggling to keep them on her face, she knew that; she understood the urge for him to drop his eyes to the place of which she spoke, the place with which she was so intimate, the place that couldn’t help but respond to the topic, to the situation, to the strange intimacy they had shared almost since the moment they’d met. “You can look, if you want,” she opened her legs so that he could see the place in between clothed in black denim, completely disguised and yet so very obvious. “And I’ll look at you too,” she nodded down to his own jeans straining to contain him already. “It’s what men and woman are naturally inclined to do when there’s a sexual attraction.”

With her heart hammering in her throat, she took one of the pear halves into the cupped palm of her left hand, then she brought it down between her spread thighs, feeling the juice of it run over her fingers and drip onto the towel as she spread her legs a little farther and held her pam to mimic the position of her vulva. “Touch it like a woman would touch it, and you’ll always get it right.” She drug her index and middle finger up from the bottom of the pear to the center and felt her own body respond in empathy. “The pear has no folds, no secret valleys, no swollen flesh to be teased open, so you’ll have to use your imagination with that.”

Lex gave a little moan soft and deep in his chest as he shifted to make himself more comfortable. “I know the anatomy,” he said. “I’ve watched porn and I’ve studied drawings. I know how it looks like it might feel. I know the response it elicits.” His tongue flicked nervously over his upper lip. “Of course that’s just acting, isn’t it?”

“Porn is about fantasy, about voyeurism, and it doesn’t matter if it’s real if it gets you off. But when it is real,” she spread her index and middle finger up the sides of the pear’s central opening, “if you’re good, if your sensitive, you’ll feel the spasms of your lover’s orgasm, even see them if you’re using your tongue; and you can feel them gripping at your cock when your inside her. If you’re paying attention.

“The clitoris,” she laughed softly, “Well with Andy I used a Ticktack, but he’s a chemistry major. He likes charts and graphs and periodic tables. You’re an artist, you live in your imagination, so you don’t need a Ticktack. Some women like the thumb stroking and circling while the other fingers work inside. Some women like to use their fingers.” She demonstrated on the pear, and Lex groaned. “It’s always best to ask and be sure.”

“What do you like?” His words were a labored rasp against the back of his throat, and Kelly found herself stunned by the question, and way more aroused than she wanted to be. He shouldn’t have asked. She should have answered. But she did.

“I like it this way.” She shifted her hips and opened a little further so he could see her thrust and scissor, circle and probe technique, and her body responded with the tight grip and release of muscle memory.

“Jesus,” he whispered moving forward on the sofa and leaning closer for a better look. “And when someone uses their tongue?”

She caught her breath in a giddy laugh. “Afraid I can’t tell you what I do since, sadly I’m not that flexible.”

“But you can tell me what you like.” His voice had gone rough.

“I like the flat of the tongue to part me and then probe me, circle my clit and then kiss and suck.” She closed her eyes, finding it difficult to meet his gaze when she spoke about something so intimate, so secret. Come to think of it, she’d never had a man actually ask her how she liked it. The few who had given a rat’s ass about her pleasure had been happy enough to let her order them about, but never quite got the hang of it.

It was the loud schussing sound that caused her to open her eyes. Lex had moved the coffee table out of the way paying no attention to the slosh of pear juice all over the towel V had spread. His eyes were locked on Kelly as he fished out his own pear half and fell to his knees in front of her. When she realized what the man was about to do she dropped the pear she’d been holding with a little gasp of surprise and scooted as far back in the chair as she could. He knelt low, holding the pear in the cup of his hand, as she had, placing it against the edge of the chair between her legs! She gave a little yelp and scrambled back in the chair still further, spreading her thighs over the rise of the chair arms to keep from touching him. He moved forward, the back of his hand so close to her crotch that she could feel the heat of it, and he lowered himself still further until his hair nearly brushed the insides of her thighs. Then, still looking up at her from his position on the floor, he began at the bottom of the open pear half and ran his tongue flat and undulating all the way up, flicking in just slightly in a little circle at the top end before he closed his lips around the apex and she could hear the slurp and suck of the sweet syrup.

“Oh! Lex! Ah!” And then she went non-verbal, holding her breath, tightening muscles deep inside her body, the only muscles she dared to move if she were to keep from touching him. She raised both arms and fisted her hands in a suicide grip around the back of the chair to keep from curling them in his hair. Her thighs trembled from her efforts to keep her legs on the chair arms and not throw them over his shoulders for leverage. She didn’t move. She didn’t breath as he licked and nuzzled and suckled until pear juice ran down his chin and onto his tee-shirt, until his face was damp and sticky, until his forehead was sheened with perspiration, and still he held her gaze as though they were locked together in each other’s orbit neither able to move without the other’s consent.

“Oh God, I’m gonna come.” She barely managed a warning when his own convulsion brought him dangerously near her body. He had stopped breathing, she was sure of it. She practically climbed the back of the chair to keep from touching him as he lost control. Then with a tremendous gasp of oxygen, he straightened, let the pear fall from his hand onto the Aubusson carpet and looked up at her.

“I’m going to pass out.” And he did.

About K D Grace/Grace Marshall

Voted ETO Best Erotic Author of 2014, and a proud member of The Brit Babes, K D Grace believes Freud was right. In the end, it really IS all about sex, well sex and love. And nobody’s happier about that than she is, otherwise, what would she write about?

When she’s not writing, K D is veg gardening. When she’s not gardening, she’s walking. She walks her stories, and she’s serious about it. She and her husband have walked Coast to Coast across England, along with several other long-distance routes. For her, inspiration is directly proportionate to how quickly she wears out a pair of walking boots. She also enjoys martial arts, reading, watching the birds and anything that gets her outdoors.

KD has erotica published with Totally Bound, SourceBooks, Xcite Books, Harper Collins Mischief Books, Mammoth, Cleis Press, Black Lace, Sweetmeats Press and others.

K D’s critically acclaimed erotic romance novels include, The Initiation of Ms Holly, Fulfilling the Contract, To Rome with Lust, and The Pet Shop. Her paranormal erotic novel, Body Temperature and Rising, the first book of her Lakeland Witches trilogy, was listed as honorable mention on Violet Blue’s Top 12 Sex Books for 2011. Books two and three, Riding the Ether, and Elemental Fire, are now also available.

K D Grace also writes hot romance as Grace Marshall. An Executive Decision, Identity Crisis, The Exhibition, Interviewing Wade are all available.

Find K D Here:                                                                  







 Make sure to follow the whole tour—the more posts you visit throughout, the more chances you’ll get to enter the giveaway. The tour dates are here:


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Free eBook – Claim EDUCATING ETHAN via #InstaFreebie #Romance

Free eBook – Claim EDUCATING ETHAN via #InstaFreebie #Romance

EducatingEthan200For the next two weeks, I’m offering a FREE copy of my sexy romance eBook, EDUCATING ETHAN, to those who sign up for my newsletter. Want to claim your copy? Visit InstaFreebie to download your preferred file – MOBI for Kindle, EPUB or PDF. This offer is only valid until Oct 18, 2016, so don’t delay – grab your copy today.

If you’re already subscribed to my newsletter you won’t miss out as I’ll be offering the same opportunity in my next issue, to download your copy of EDUCATING ETHAN (that’s only fair, right?!) Plus, I’ll have the usual randomly selected subscriber giveaways – in the upcoming issue these will include a beautiful set of crystal cat earrings, paperback books and stationery sets.

Sound good? This is definitely a great time to sign-up if you haven’t already!

So, back to EDUCATING ETHAN. Here’s a little more about this sexy romance novella…

Ida’s new life and success in her catering career has helped overcome a painful divorce. When the much younger Ethan moves in across the street, an innocent flirtation quickly becomes serious when the two realize their age difference is no barrier to all-consuming passion.

Ethan is the exact opposite of what Ida needs. He is young and vibrant, with his life and dreams still ahead of him, whereas hers are all in the past. Can Ethan, who is fighting his own demons, convince Ida to overcome the past and live for the moment?

Or will this so-called “cougar” take what she needs and escape before her heart is broken for a second time?

This sexy romance novella is a re-release of a previously published eBook. This edition contains several expanded scenes.


What they’re saying on Goodreads about EDUCATING ETHAN:

“some truly electrifying chemistry makes Educating Ethan one of Jennifer Lynne’s most exciting reads.” ~ Reviewed by AusRom Today

“an uplifting story that is impassioned and engaging.” ~ Reviewed by Sandy S.

“a short, feel good story of living in the moment and trusting that whatever happens in the future, you can embrace it willingly with no regrets.” ~ Reviewed by Karen R.

“Really sexy and really lovely.” ~ Reviewed by Dorothy B.


Read an excerpt from EDUCATING ETHAN HERE.

Claim your copy of EDUCATING ETHAN here >>> InstaFreebie.

Book tour & interview with Carla Caruso – HOT STUFF: SURFING LOVE

Book tour & interview with Carla Caruso – HOT STUFF: SURFING LOVE

VBT_HotStuff_Banner copyGoddess Fish is hosting a book tour for HOT STUFF: SURFING LOVE (Harper Impulse), a multi-author contemporary erotic romance anthology. Yes, these lovely authors are offering a giveaway, and there’s more on that below, but first, I’d like to introduce the book as well as one of the anthology co-authors, Carla Caruso.

Cover_Hot StuffHot sun, warm bodies, tight skin, electricity on the air … four top romance authors give you their take on summer.

From Carla Caruso – A chance meeting with a pro-surfer on an island getaway …

From Maria Lewis – The world of women’s surfing throws two recent bedmates together …

From Alli Sinclair – A world-famous performer finds her heart and a way to fight her demons in Rio de Janeiro …

From Tess Woods – A Cornish beach retreat proves a full reawakening …

Interview with Carla Caruso

What authors do you like to read?

Chick-lit or romantic comedies are my comfort reads. So anything by Sophie Kinsella, Maggie Alderson, Jennifer Crusie, Liane Moriarty, and beyond. If the author can make me laugh and the novel has a good romance thread and quirky heroine (oh, and a sexy hero), I’m in. 🙂

Is there a genre you’d like to try writing and haven’t yet?

I’ve had a young-adult tale spinning around in my head for eons. One with a bit of a paranormal bent. Involving cats! I’m hoping to tackle it in the second half of this year. If I write it down, it’ll happen, right?

Tell us about your latest release.

Hot Stuff: Surfing Love is an anthology of short stories involving sexy surfers, penned by three gorgeous Aussie women – Maria Lewis, Alli Sinclair and Tess Woods – plus myself. The logline sums it up well: “Hot sun, warm bodies, tight skin, electricity in the air…four top romance authors give you their take on summer.” Doesn’t it just make you want to go to the beach and check out the bronzed bodies on display?

Can you tell us a little about your current WIP?

I have two-and-a-half-year-old twin boys and I’ve always thought the general craziness I’ve gone through raising twins would make for a great novel. So I’ve got an idea for a story where two aunts end up raising a sister’s twin babies together. There’s a bit of a love triangle and secrets from the past emerging…I just need time to get stuck into finally writing it!

Are you a plotter or a pantser?

I’m somewhere in between. I kind of have ‘goalposts’ along the way to reach and then fill in the in-between bits as I write and the characters ‘guide’ me. But I need to know a lot about the characters’ personalities and conflicts in advance for a solid foundation.

How do you balance writing with other aspects of your life? What’s your favourite time management tip?

Write a little bit most days, if you can, to keep your ‘head’ in a story. I like to focus on one writing project at a time or my mind feels too messy. As I mentioned before, I have young twin boys, who thankfully still have a day nap – my time to write. The less time you have sometimes, the more you use it! I find I get bored after writing for three hours a day anyway. But maybe if I had the whole day free, with a lunchbreak in between, I could keep going. Just work out what works best for you. Don’t feel you have to chain yourself to your desk for ten hours just because a colleague does it. To me, getting out and about, in between writing, is what keeps my creative juices flowing.

What made you want to be an author? At what age did you start telling stories and then writing them down?

I always wanted to be a novelist, annoying my kindergarten teachers by dictating long, detailed stories to them. And in my school holidays, I’d hand-write one-hundred-page novels – for fun. It just took me a while to realise my childhood dream; journalism seemed a more practical course. I worked as a newspaper and magazine journalist, government PR and fashion stylist. Then, when I began working from home as a freelance journalist, I got more serious about fiction. It took me about three years, from go to whoa, to get published.

What do you like best about being a writer? What do you like the least?

Writing is addictive! I love escaping into a different world, making the characters say or do things in real life I never would, and having real life constantly inspire my work. Plus, if I have a bad experience, I can channel it out in my writing and feel better for it. Like the least? The editing part! I love getting the first draft down, the creative bit. Editing’s less fun for me. I’m also impatient, so I don’t fancy the length of time (and commitment) it takes to write a novel – I’m a journalist, used to speedy deadlines. Reading past works also makes me cringe…I’m the ultimate self-critical artist.

If you had one piece of advice for aspiring authors, what would it be?

Don’t dilute your voice! I went from thinking I should ‘write for the market’ to sell more books, changing my writing style, to going full circle again, realising I wasn’t coming across authentically. Write stuff that you’re proud of and want to read and then find a publisher for it. I feel like I’m only beginning to hit my stride now and everything I’ve done before has been my writer’s ‘apprenticeship’. But then, I always tend to take the long route, I’m a Capricorn. 🙂

Where can readers find out more about you and your books?

You can visit my author site, my blog, ‘Carla Caruso Author’ on Facebook, or @CarlaCaruso79 on Twitter. Would love you to drop by and say hi!

Here is an excerpt from Carla’s story, SIX-STAR WEEKEND, in the HOT STUFF: SURFING LOVE anthology:


That was the only thing on Sage Carlisle’s mind as she peered over her flat-top shades at the surfer emerging from the water at the resort’s private beach. She shifted on her Missoni beach towel, feeling clammy in places that had nothing to do with the late afternoon sun.

No strings attached, down-and-dirty hanky-panky. That was why she was paying a thousand dollars a night for her island stay. Okay, that and maximum pampering. Even her mum had encouraged her to go; Sage was that hard-up. It had been a while between, ahem, cock tales.

Ever since Aaron.

Not that she was meant to be thinking about him right now. This weekend was all about her needs and hers alone. So, instead, she let her mind wander to how the hunky surfer might be described by a beauty brand if he were a mascara. Makeup was how she made her living, after all.

Sage began with ‘amazingly waterproof’. The water seemed to bead off the guy’s chin-length tousle of sun-bleached hair, his deeply tanned face, and the skin-tight black wetsuit, like he was some kind of merman.

An extremely chiselled, handsome merman.

She threw in ‘sweat- and humidity-resistant’ for good measure. He looked like he could handle whatever weather extremes the Great Barrier Reef location threw at him. Unlike her. It had taken a gallon of hair serum to settle her black mane.

‘Intense gaze.’ His eyes looked dark from this angle. Puppy-dog brown possibly. A nice contrast to all the blond hair and bronzed skin. Sea-green would have been too obvious.

‘Infinite length.’ And she wasn’t referring to the wood-look surfboard tucked under his arm … no, siree. Yes, her mind was heading for the gutter now, but at least it was a six-star gutter, as went with her locale.

‘Long-long-lasting.’ Judging by his youthful looks — he had to be seven years younger than her at a minimum — she was sure he could go all night without wearing out. But then, when you were thirty-five, as she was, any guy in your line of vision without a woman hanging off their arm tended to be a juvenile. He never would have had the shocking discovery of a white hair in his eyebrow.

Hmm. Maybe he was a pro surfer, and a surf-brand sponsor had helped fund his luxury accommodation.

She dreamt up some more words. ‘Ability to extend (her) from roots through to tips and beyond. Stretchable. Magnetic. Lush. Daring.’

Yep, he could dip his wand into her formula any day of her overpriced vaccie. Sage looked down to rummage in her beach bag for her powder compact. This time she couldn’t blame the sun’s rays for her perspiration.

‘Do I know you?’ a gravelly voice cut through her thoughts.




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If you’d like to follow the tour, blog dates can be found HERE at Goddess Fish (or click the banner at the top of this post).



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Book tour for Vanessa Vale – Wildflowers of Montana series #Historical #Erotic #Western

Book tour for Vanessa Vale – Wildflowers of Montana series #Historical #Erotic #Western

FS_TourBanner_WildflowersOfMontana (2)Vanessa Vale’s Wildflowers of Montana series is on tour! Hosted by Goddess Fish, Vanessa is offering a Rafflecopter giveaway in which a $50 Amazon or B&N Gift Card will be randomly awarded to one lucky contest entrant. Details on how to enter below, but first, check out this intriguing erotic historical Western series.


Follow the eight Lenox sisters through this historical erotic series that’s as big and bold as the Montana Sky.


Rose Lenox has grown up to be more comfortable on the back of a horse than wearing ribbons and bows like her seven adopted sisters. For years working the land was enough, but lately Rose finds herself wishing for something different. She wants her own ranch and freedom from her overwhelming and unorthodox family. Rose is determined to strike out on her own and forge her own path. Lenox neighbor, Chance Goodman, has watched Rose grow from a spitfire of a girl to a beautiful and fiery woman. For years he’s waited patiently and watched her struggle to find her place in the world. When she leaves the Lenox ranch alone, determined to abandon her former life and to say good-bye to him, he knows the time has come to claim her. Letting her walk away isn’t an option. Chance knows exactly what she needs…and he’s going to give it to her. Follow the eight Lenox sisters through this historical erotic series that’s as big and bold as the Montana Sky. The Wildflowers of Montana begins with Rose and her hot, Alpha cowboy.


When handsome Jackson Reed comes home from the army, he catches the immediate attention of the seven Lenox daughters. But he only has eyes for one — beautiful Hyacinth Lenox. It’s apparent that she notices him as well, so why is she doing everything she can to avoid him?

Hyacinth can’t stop thinking about the sandy-haired newcomer, but while she longs for happiness with Jackson, she feels unworthy to marry him or anyone else. Guilt from a tragic childhood incident dogs her even into adulthood, leaving her to feel undeserving of Jackson’s love.

But Jackson isn’t a man so easily dissuaded. He’s determined to rid Hyacinth of her pain and make her his wife. Can he heal her past hurt and awaken her to the carnal pleasures he wants just with her? He senses a great capacity for love and passion in this fair Lenox flower. Unlocking it will mean a battle of wills, but love is worth the fight.

Follow the eight Lenox sisters through this historical erotic series that’s as big and bold as the Montana Sky. The Wildflowers of Montana continues with Hyacinth and her sharpshooting hero.

Interview quickie with Vanessa Vale

What are four things you can’t live without?

I’m going to assume this is material things and so I’ll skip the obvious of husband and children!

  1. Lip balm- I live at high altitude so it’s really dry. I have lip balm on my desk, in the bathroom, my purse, the car, everywhere. I put it on constantly.
  2. Martial Arts- Some people run, some people play tennis, I do martial arts. It’s my escape and I’ve done it for over twenty years. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t go to class.
  3. Dessert- Do I need to explain why? Yeah, I thought not.
  4. My pillow- I’m a stomach sleeper so I need a really thin pillow. I’ve had the same one since I was a kid. Yes, my husband thinks it’s time to let this one go, but I haven’t found a replacement yet. They’re too fat or too fluffy or too…something. Where have all the good pillows gone!?

What is your favorite television show?

I don’t watch TV. I do, on occasion, go onto the iPad and pull up Netflix. I just watched Mozart in the Jungle and enjoyed that.

If you could be any character, from any literary work, who would you choose to be? Why?

Definitely Nancy Drew! She had her shit together. Somehow, she could get up in the morning, put on a cardigan and have her hair perfect (yes, I have a slight obsession with perfectly coiffed people) and go off in her jalopy following bad guys around and her father either has no clue or is thrilled she’s helping him with a case.

Author Bio

#1 Amazon Bestseller in Erotic Western and Historical Erotica

Who doesn’t love the romance of the old West? Vanessa Vale takes the sensual appeal of rugged cowboys a step further with her bestselling books set in the Montana Territory. They are much more than just sexy historical westerns. By introducing sexual taboos into this otherwise traditional romantic setting, Vanessa has won the loyalty of a fan base that never knows quite what to expect with each new series.

“Montana Maidens” was the first to push the envelope with strong BDSM themes. “Montana Men” followed suit with softer themes but lots of deliciously graphic sex. “The Bridgewater Series” showcases ménage relationships because sometimes one hot cowboy isn’t enough. No-holds-barred, graphic descriptions, strong storytelling, engaging characters and breathtaking landscapes all combine to make very naughty reads.

And as a resident of Wild Wild West, Vanessa Vale finds plenty of inspiration for her work, for who doesn’t love a handsome cowboy? Connect with Vanessa here:




MediaKit_BookCover_WildflowersOfMontana_dahliaThe series continues with Dahlia, available at these eBook retailers:










Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below for a chance to win a $50 Amazon or B&N Gift Card. The prize will be awarded by Vanessa Vale during the tour.

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If you’d like to follow the tour, blog dates can be found HERE at Goddess Fish (or click the banner at the top of this post).



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Spring Blogfest – #LASRBlogfest #Giveaways

Spring Blogfest – #LASRBlogfest #Giveaways

spring blogfest banner copyI’m currently appearing at Long and Short Reviews as part of their Spring Blogfest. Yes, I know, it’s autumn for those of us in Australia! But I love both seasons, don’t you? There’s a similarity in the mild weather, sunny days, cool evenings, and color. Lots of color – whether it be the new buds and flowers that symbolize spring, or the golden-red hues of autumn.

There are giveaway prizes galore in the Blogfest, including Amazon/Barnes & Noble Gift Cards, books, author swag, and more.

Stop by Long and Short Reviews between March 30 and April 3, 2015 to participate and enter the various prize draws!

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Celebrating the New Year with an #Erotic #Giveaway

Celebrating the New Year with an #Erotic #Giveaway

2014-12-29 19.24.51It’s almost 2015 and I have a giveaway to help ring in the New Year! I know many of my blog followers are already signed up to my newsletter, but if you’re not, here’s your chance to sign up for new release info and exclusive giveaways and excerpts…as well as enter the draw for a 2015 Desk Calendar and matching Writing Notebook.

Sign up for my quarterly email newsletter before 7th January 2015, and you will be entered in the draw. Those who are already signed up are automatically included.

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Thank you so much for your support during 2014 – I wish each and every one of you all the best for 2015 and beyond.

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Heart’s Destiny Book Tour & Giveaway #erotic #romance

Heart’s Destiny Book Tour & Giveaway #erotic #romance

tour bannerHi everyone, I’m delighted to announce the start of an online book tour for my new erotic release, HEART’S DESTINY, hosted by Twin Tours Promotions.

Those who visit and comment during the tour will be entered in a giveaway draw. The more you comment on the tour, the more chances you have to win! There’s more about the giveaway prizes below, but first, where can you enter the draw? At any or all of these tour stops:

Thursday Dec 4

Friday Dec 5

Saturday Dec 6

Sunday Dec 7

Tuesday Dec 9

Wednesday Dec 10


GOL_VOL1_JL_-FrontaWine Charm Set_Gods of LoveEnter the HEART’S DESTINY tour giveaway by visiting any/all stops on the Book Tour, and leaving a comment. At the end of the Tour I’ll randomly draw a winner from all commenters, who will receive a signed print copy of GODS OF LOVE (VOLUME 1), and a set of wine glass charms based on the GODS OF LOVE series book covers. These charms are perfect for holiday season parties, to hang on your wine glass stem and keep track of who belongs to which glass!

Don’t forget, HEART’S DESTINY, the featured book on the tour, is available for two weeks at the special price of just 99 cents (US).

Buy a copy at your favorite eBook retailer:

Amazon US  /  Amazon UK  /  Amazon AU

All Romance eBooks

Barnes & Noble

Apple iTunes