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Sex on Saturday: May/December romance EDUCATING ETHAN

Sex on Saturday: May/December romance EDUCATING ETHAN

It’s Sex on Saturday time! What’s your pleasure this week? Mine is May/December romance. I bring you a sentence from my sensual older woman/younger man romance EDUCATING ETHAN, published by Breathless Press in 2012.

Educating Ethan CoverThat warm male scent enveloped her, elusive and yet tangible enough to send her heart rate into overdrive.

Book Junkie  ~ “If you love May/December romances this one will knock your socks off.”

Long and Short Reviews ~ “…I just fell madly in love with Ethan and could eat him up with a spoon!”

EDUCATING ETHAN is available at Breathless Press, Amazon or All Romance ebooks.

We always hurt the ones we love – guest author Dianne Hartsock

We always hurt the ones we love – guest author Dianne Hartsock

It is my pleasure today to bring you Dianne Hartsock. I love her erotic M/M writing, and I’m glad she’s back for a repeat visit. This time, she’s also offering a giveaway of the Ad-Dick-tion Anthology to one lucky commenter:

Hi Jennifer! *waves* Thanks so much for having me back on your lovely blog.

Recently a friend of mine, Elin Gregory, asked me this question: I understand Eran is from a very abusive background, likewise your eponymous hero Alex, and Nathaniel too is in danger when Taden rescues him. Is there any particular reason why you find this scenario such fertile ground for growing your plots?

Honestly, I hadn’t done it consciously. But she’s right. My stories are m/m erotic for the most part, and there’s something about those gorgeous males that compels me to make them work for their HEA.

Don’t mistake me! I love my characters in all their faults and glory. But just like real life, my heroes come with baggage. I like to think my stories are not just character driven, but emotion driven. I like to climb right into my heroes skin and feel every touch and caress and pain with them. The deeper I can delve the better I like it. And what emotions run deeper than fear and anguish and love and friendship and betrayal?

Let’s start with my lovely Shelton, who falls in love with a beautiful playboy in ‘Shelton in Love’. I could have let Nevil return his feelings. But where’s the fun in that? Nevil wants to taste what Shelton has to offer, then go on his merry way to the next man.

But that challenge wasn’t enough in itself. Not enough angst! I had to have Shelton have a disfigurement that makes him shy away from casual sex. He’d been laughed at in the past and didn’t think he could bear it from Nevil.

In ‘Shelton’s Promise’ and ‘Shelton’s Choice’, we have ex-lovers and jealousy and a car accident and job promotions that try to tear the heart right out of my poor hero. It isn’t until the fourth book, ‘Shelton’s Homecoming’ (due out this summer) that Nevil puts all Shelton’s insecurities to rest in one grand gesture of love and commitment.

With Alex, I wanted to write a story about a person with psychic abilities. I wondered what might have happened in his childhood to bring out this rare characteristic. It’s not that I enjoyed making him suffer. Far from it! But I felt that his isolation and pain would make him turn inward, enhancing whatever mental capabilities he might have.

With Nathaniel, it’s more of a question of mental illness. His people have natural psychic abilities, but sometimes this power will twist a person’s mind until they can no longer control it. In this story I focused more on Nathaniel’s lover, Taden. Taden’s life has left him ill-prepared for the wonder that is Nathaniel. He’s a titled landowner, master of the family home and lands, and although he hasn’t seen war in his lifetime, uneasiness is growing between his country and the Sutherlins pushing at their border. He’s heard of magic users, but they belong to the far past. How does he come to terms with the fact that the man he loves might be a witch?

And now we come to my latest hero, Eran, from Eran’s Release, part of the Ad-Dick-tion Anthology. In Eran’s case, this is a contemporary story involving the painful subject of child abuse. This is another tragic background for one of my heroes, but it’s a part of who Eran is. There are so many emotions involved here, and Eran’s happiness is all the sweeter to see because of it.

So yes, all my heroes do have personal trials to overcome, but isn’t that something we all have? To me, it makes them a little more real.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

At this time I’d like to offer a PDF copy of the Ad-Dick-tion Anthology to one commenter who can tell me what their favourite trait is in a hero.

Eran’s Release

Breathless Press

Paul isn’t attracted to Eran—he’s intoxicated by the shy, sensual younger man. He’s also confused by Eran’s mixed signals. However, the sight of Eran injured and bruised arouses a protective passion that surprises Paul. Determined to protect Eran from his brutal past, Paul discovers his future.


Paul rested his chin on his hand and stared into the stained bottom of his espresso cup. People came and went in the coffee shop around him, but their laughter and bright conversation only underscored his loneliness.

He played the events from Christmas Eve over in his mind, coming to the same conclusion as before: Eran had set him up to make a fool of him. What other explanation could there be? Damn it. He’d waited half an hour for the man to show while the snow piled up on the sidewalks and his face grew numb with cold.

He’d finally gone back into the coffee shop, only to learn that Eran had slipped out the back way and gone home. Paul ran a hand over his face and through his brown curls. Why had he come back when the man who fueled his fantasies ignored him and ultimately snubbed him?

Paul picked up the small cup, then remembered it was empty and set it carefully on its saucer. He’d deliberately chosen a table in the section Eran routinely waited on, only to watch the graceful body approach every table but his.

A mocking smile touched his lips. What else did I expect? He’d come to the shop tonight to demand an answer. Maybe this is it. Eran clearly wasn’t interested and Paul was too dense to take the hint.

He glanced at his watch. The shop had closed ten minutes ago and the last of the customers were walking out the door. Just great. He shoved the cup and saucer away from him and swore as they shot off the end of the table. He started to rise to his feet, only to sit back heavily as Eran came over. “Let me get that for you.”

Paul’s mouth went dry as Eran bent over. White skin showed where Eran’s shirt separated from the low cut jeans and Paul instantly wanted to know its taste. Eran knelt to get the cup that had rolled under the table and Paul’s cock perked up, pushing painfully against his slacks as the tight jeans slipped lower on Eran’s hips. Paul imagined sliding his tongue into the warm cleft of Eran’s ass and shivered.

His gaze roamed over the creamy skin, then froze at the sight of an ugly bruise spreading from Eran’s hip up under his shirt. He must have made a sound because Eran glanced at him, his blue eyes widening at whatever was showing in his face.

Paul forced his hands to unclench. “Who hurt you?” he demanded, not caring that Eran had made it plain he didn’t want Paul in his life.

The beautiful eyes blinked several times, then Eran glanced hastily around the deserted coffee shop. They were alone except for the girl Eran worked with, who from the sound of it was busy washing dishes in the back room.

Eran climbed stiffly to his feet and Paul jabbed a finger at the chair opposite him, relieved when Eran sat down without argument. Paul leaned across the table only to have Eran inexplicably start back, then flush and stare at his clasped hands, his chest heaving.

Pity and anger tightened Paul’s heart. If that hadn’t been a conditioned response… Someone’s been hitting this boy, often. He choked back his fury. He’d have to tread very carefully here.

“It hurt when you didn’t meet me Christmas Eve,” he said quietly. “Is there a reason you made me feel like shit, or do you get off setting men up just so you can slap them back down?”

Eran looked miserable and Paul forced himself not to gather the young man in his arms and comfort him. That would come later. Right now he needed to gain Eran’s trust.

He waited patiently while Eran ran a hand through his dark hair, pulling it down to partially hide his eyes. “It’s not like that at all,” Eran said earnestly, folding and unfolding his hands, then clasping them in his lap. “I got a call from my sister and had to leave. I didn’t have time to tell you.”

“You couldn’t send someone with a message?”

Eran’s jaw dropped. He hadn’t thought of that, apparently. He looked suddenly very young and Paul frowned. “You’re eighteen, right?”

“Twenty-one last month,” Eran shot back, then crossed his arms on his chest. Paul smiled inwardly, wondering if he seemed like the mysterious older man, though twenty-five wasn’t that old.

He moistened his lips and watched, fascinated, as Eran licked his own lips in response. Paul groaned, wanting to nibble the pale lips and swallow Eran’s tongue. The blood rushed to his dick as he imagined that luscious mouth sucking him into its wet heat. He dropped a hand on his lap to rearrange his cramped member and felt it jump as color flooded Eran’s cheeks. Damn. The boy is hotter than hell.

He cleared his throat, gambling everything on the startled awareness he saw in the blue eyes. “Will you go out with me tonight? There’s sure to be a movie playing somewhere, or we can walk on the waterfront.” Or whatever the fuck you want.

Dianne Hartsock:  Blog  |  Facebook  Twitter  Goodreads


Interview with Havan Fellows – M/M erotic author

Interview with Havan Fellows – M/M erotic author

Today on my blog I have a special treat for lovers of M/M erotic romance – an interview with erotic author, Havan Fellows.

Why thank you, Jennifer Lynne, for having me on your blog today…and may I say what a lovely blog you have *winks*…*coughs* sorry, I can’t control my mouth sometimes.

Hello, my name is Havan Fellows and I write stories. Hopefully they are stories that you want to read and get lost in…tales that take you away from your everyday issues and land you smack dab in the middle of my characters everyday issues…hehe. I predominantly write M/M erotic romance and just love it.

Sooooo…*plops down on love seat and winks at my lovely host* you ready to play?

Oh, yes, Havan, I love to play! Can you share a little about your journey to publication?

Sure *chuckles*…I wrote all kinds of things as a kiddo and teenager: shorts, full length novels, poetry…but real life and two kiddos of my own took precedence. Then one day later in life *cough* much later *cough* I decided to give it a go again. My kiddo showed me the wonders of Facebook and I met some of the most awesome and supportive people—including my very own prized and worshipped muse, who talked me into finishing some of the things I started and encouraged me to go for it.

Do you have a favorite genre in books?

For reading—no, I literally read all kinds and they don’t have to have any romance in them either…it just depends on the plot.  For writing—I’m most comfortable with M/M, but I haven’t quite spread my wings yet…next year it could be something completely different. Though I will always have a special place in my heart for M/M *sighs happily*.

Is there a genre you’d like to try writing and haven’t yet?

I would love to give horror a go…but not the slice n dice type of horror (though I love that too lol)…I want to do what I call a mind freak type of book—yes I am using the word ‘freak’ in place of another word *blushes*…hey, my mom could be reading this…*heads desk giggling*

Tell us about your latest release.

Well, my latest release, Emery’s Ritches, is the second book in my Synchronous Seductions series—but can be read as a standalone book. It is about two extremely stubborn men—one is manipulative and one is snarky—and how they have to give a little to get a lot. Writing about Emery and Ritchie wasn’t easy…many times I wanted to throw my netbook across the room and teach them a lesson, but their story had to be finished for everyone’s sanity to prevail.


Ritchie Lymings is wallowing in self-pity after seeing the man he loves—his best friend—reunited with his arch enemy. He’s drowning his sorrows in coffee and caramel when an irritating stranger barges into his life, determined to make him smile. Even if this interloper is too dense to understand his faux pas, Ritchie figures he may be good for a quickie to get his mind off of his immediate situation. A simple round of love ’em and leave ’em sounds promising.

Emery Hutchins recognizes Ritchie immediately when he stops for his morning coffee and breakfast. His friend Ryder had been telling him stories about “the infuriating twit” for years. Fate and coincidence were two things that normally gave Emery cause for pause, but he couldn’t let this opportunity pass him by. Unable to relinquish control to fate though, he immediately devises a plan to make the deliciously snarky Ritchie his own, one hundred percent completely.

But for these two diverse personalities there is one major problem. How can Ritchie’s attitude and Emery’s meticulousness blend together, or is this an oil and water mess?

Can you tell us a little about your current WIP?

Oh, I have three WIPs on the front burner—and for a non-cooking mama that’s a lot of burners going! lol Seriously, I’ve got the Road Trip anthology I’m working on for the Story Orgy (love them!!!) based on prompts sent in from our readers. I’m also working on my first ever shifter story and I just started a brand new blog story for my Monday Story Orgy postings. Now if I could just say I am finished on something instead of working on it…lol

Are you a plotter or a pantser?

Boy does that ever sound dirty *snickers*…I happen to be a pantser…usually pajama pantser mind you…hehe…unfortunately I have no idea what is happening in my story most of the times until I sit down to write. Don’t get me wrong…I usually have an idea of how I’d like a story to progress in my head—but as for outlining and note taking and all that jazz…I don’t have enough discipline for that *sighs* but I’d really like to one day…of course the day I do my boys will mutiny against me and do whatever they want anyway…*shrugs* Pretty much a no-win situation right? lol

I know what that feels like! So, do you have a favorite character in your books?

Okay…I answered this same question in another interview and the moment I did the voices in my head went berserk!! So no more answering this one…for fear of certain voices strutting it while others take out hits on them…yeah it wasn’t pretty…

What makes a great romance hero?

I don’t believe that you can label a great romance hero like that…it isn’t a certain build or personality or belief system…in Emery’s Ritches both guys are annoying men that will test your faith…but they both have very good redeemable qualities and both deserve to love and be loved in return. The simple man is just as worthy to be a great romance hero as the extraordinary man is…and this goes the same for women.

How do you balance writing with other aspects of your life?

Very carefully…*face palm giggling*

Alrighty then…thank you again for having me, Jennifer…*big smiles*…I love your place and especially your company *winks*. Here…scoot a little closer to me *pats cushion on love seat* and let me read you an excerpt from my new release Emery’s Ritches


“Oh wow, and here I feared the worst, that you would never break through that dark look and smile. Now that I’ve seen your smile, I’m pretty sure I never want to see you without it.”

Snapping out of his daydream, Ritchie turned to the intruding voice and set eyes on the sexiest man he’d seen in a long time. Short golden hair on the sides, longer in front, clear silver-blue eyes, high forehead, and pouty cupid’s bow lips. Hot damn, he’s a god.

After a few tense seconds, Ritchie finally found his voice and attempted to put it to good use. “Can I help you?” Okay, not good use, but use at least.

“Most definitely, in so many ways too.”

Ritchie’s brows drew together and he couldn’t hold back the growl. “Excuse me?”

The man smiled, wide and easy. “I wondered if I could share this table with you? This place gets busy in the blink of an eye. Plus I seem to have bought two coffees and two scones so I was thinking we could have breakfast together.” And with that, he placed two cups and the single plate with two cinnamon chip scones he had meticulously juggled onto the table. He then proceeded to make himself at home in the chair across from Ritchie.

Ritchie glanced around and noted at least three empty tables, and pointedly glared back at his interloper.

That easy breezy grin didn’t falter and the man didn’t miss a beat. “That table wobbles, almost spilled a whole cup of their hazelnut all over me the other morning.” He pointed to empty table number one. Then he directed his finger at empty table number two. “Sitting right next to that table you’ll find Mrs. Glein. She’s a widow and sweet as pie, but keeps insisting I meet with this mysterious grandson of hers named Stevie. Now considering she only has one grandchild, a beautiful woman named Stephanie, I figure she wants to convert me. I would rather skip that conversation this morning.” Ritchie glanced over at the old lady. She smiled widely at the stranger and he waved and nodded back in acknowledgment.

Then he turned his attention to the third table that now housed two students with their laptops. “And darn if I didn’t just miss that table by a millisecond. Good thing I got this seat when I did, huh?”

Ritchie took another sip of his coffee, trying to process how to lose this guy. He was obviously ill in some department no matter how hot he might be. Ritchie tilted his cup all the way back, then remembered it was empty. He set the mug back down a little too heavily causing a loud clacking noise that caused many of the patrons to look up with disapproving glares.

Then he looked back at his company, who held the extra steaming cup out to him. “Caramel latte, I believe?”

Begrudgingly, Ritchie took the cup and sipped some more. Damn near everything could be solved with the blessed combination of coffee and caramel. Staring into those clear silver-blue eyes from across the table, he stressed the damn near part.

“So, to what do I owe the great honor of your company?”

Grinning (of course, Ritchie mentally rolled his eyes) the man said, “You can owe the great honor to the fact that I didn’t want to eat breakfast alone. Usually I don’t mind, but when I noticed you so melancholy I decided today I minded.”

Ritchie nodded. “Ah, I get it now. You’re one of those do-gooders that just has to stick his nose where it isn’t wanted. Come to turn my frown upside down, have you? Thanks, I appreciate the pity, but I’m doing just fine pitying myself. Don’t need your help.”

“But you did need my coffee and you do need to eat something.” He placed one of the scones on a napkin in front of Ritchie.

“What are you, my mother?”

He winked at Ritchie. “Not exactly, I don’t have the proper equipment for that. Though now I think I should start pitying myself that you didn’t notice.” And for the first time throughout this whole weird interaction, the stranger’s smile turned into an exaggerated version of a pout.

Ritchie rolled his eyes for real this time, and against his will, he felt himself smirking in response to that pout.

“Ah ha!” Not surprisingly the pout disappeared. “I knew I would break down your defenses eventually. So who is he?”

“Excuse me?” Hadn’t he already said that during this conversation?

“Who’s the guy that’s got you all knotted up? Only way for someone to look that downcast is when love’s involved. Since you aren’t all pissy and mad, well, not any more than what I assume’s the norm for you,” the man chuckled at his own joke, “I have to deduce that it’s unrequited love. The guy obviously doesn’t understand what a joyful gem you are. So I repeat, who is he? Shall I hunt him down and explain the error of his ways?” He popped a bit of scone into his mouth and managed to smile through the closed-mouth chewing process.

“I’m sorry, am I putting off a vibe saying that I’m a people person or something? Because if so, I need to fix my vibe-o-meter. What makes you think it’s a guy anyway?”

You can find Havan Fellows @ Havan’s Heavenly Haven blog & Facebook

You can find Emery’s Ritches @ Breathless Press, Amazon & All Romance ebooks



I lost my website/blog for a few hours yesterday when I tried to change the theme, but managed to get most of it back, minus my last post. So here it is again:

VBT_CoverBanner_EducatingEthanA huge thank you to everyone who participated over the past three weeks in the Educating Ethan Book Tour – commenters, blog hosts and the blog organizer, Goddess Fish. I had a wonderful time chatting to fellow book lovers along the way, and I met some wonderful people!

The host with the most comments (excluding mine and the host’s) was Reading Romances. Congratulations – you’ve won a $20 Amazon or B&N Gift Card!

The winning commenter (chosen using who also receives a $20 Amazon or B&N Gift Card is… Catherine L., who left a number of comments on the tour, but her winning comment was posted at Readers Roundtable by Candlelight on March 13th.

Congratulations, Catherine! I will be in contact via email as soon as I can.

Educating Ethan, for those who couldn’t join the tour, is an older woman/younger man romance, but I like to think there’s a bit of a twist on that classic concept. This story becomes less about an older woman educating a younger man in the ways of love, and is more about two people with emotional baggage learning to put the past behind them through the positive power of love. Here’s the book blurb:

Ida Deloraine intends to build herself a new life and a new catering career after a painful divorce. When the much younger Ethan Holt moves in across the street, an innocent flirtation quickly becomes serious when the two realize their age difference is no barrier to all-consuming passion. But Ethan is the exact opposite of what Ida is looking for in a sexual partner. In her eyes he is young and vibrant, with his life and his dreams still ahead of him, whereas hers are all in the past. Can Ethan, who is fighting his own demons in the form of a car accident, failed marriage, and forced career change, convince Ida to overcome the past and live for the moment? And just who is educating who in this cougar encounter?

“If you love May/December romances, this one will knock your socks off.” ~ Book Junkie, 5 flower review

“Erotic stories for the thinking woman” ~ Amazon, 5 star review

Read Educating Ethan now at Breathless Press, Amazon or All Romance ebooks.

EDUCATING ETHAN book tour: final week

EDUCATING ETHAN book tour: final week

VBT_CoverBanner_EducatingEthanThe virtual book tour for EDUCATING ETHAN is in its third and final week with all stops offering the chance for a reader to win a $20 Amazon or Barnes & Noble Gift Card (plus one for the host with the most comments). We’ve been having a wonderful time on this tour with some great discussions, so if you want to join the fun, here are this week’s tour stops:

March 26: Words of Wisdom from The Scarf Princess “The appeal of an older woman/younger man romance”

March 27: It’s Raining Books “10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Jennifer Lynne”

March 28: Book Junkie author interview

March 29: The Muse “What are the emotional challenges for the main characters in EDUCATING ETHAN?”

March 30: Queen of the Night Reviews author interview

The winner of the $20 Amazon or Barnes & Noble Gift Card will be drawn at the end of the tour on March 31st.I encourage everyone to drop by and comment, as often as you like. Every commenter will enter the draw for those two Amazon or Barnes & Noble Gift Cards – and we can never have enough ebooks on our readers, right? Hope to catch up with you on the tour!

Once again, thank you to all my wonderful hosts, as well as to Goddess Fish Promotions for organising the tour.

Book tour: EDUCATING ETHAN Week 2

Book tour: EDUCATING ETHAN Week 2

VBT_CoverBanner_EducatingEthanThe virtual book tour for EDUCATING ETHAN continues this week with a number of stops all offering the chance for a reader to win a $20 Amazon or Barnes & Noble Gift Card (plus one for the host with the most comments). I would love to see you drop by and visit – and if you leave a comment at any point on the tour you’ll be entered in the draw for a gift card:

March 19: Novel Reflections – author interview

March 20: Reviews by Molly – review only

March 21: Magically Seductive Romance – “Love Doesn’t Care About Age”

March 22: Lisa Haselton’s Reviews and Interviews – author interview

March 23: Reader Girls – “Are cougars merely the punch line in a bad joke?”

Once again, thank you to all my hosts, as well as to Goddess Fish Promotions for organising the tour.

I’ll post details of the stops for the final week of the EDUCATING ETHAN book tour next Monday. The winner of the $20 Amazon or Barnes & Noble Gift Card will be drawn at the end of the tour on March 31st.I encourage everyone to drop by and comment, as often as you like. Every commenter will enter the draw for those two Amazon or Barnes & Noble Gift Cards – and we can never have enough ebooks on our readers, right? Hope to catch up with you on the tour!

Six Sentence Sunday #7

Six Sentence Sunday #7

This week’s six sentence snippet is from my new release, Educating Ethan, an older woman/younger man romance out now from Breathless Press, Amazon and All Romance ebooks:

Educating Ethan Cover***

Her fork slipped in, then out of her enticing mouth, and he immediately imagined her wrapping those lips around him. He could almost feel the heat and moistness of it around his cock, and he shifted uncomfortably in the chair. What the hell was it about this woman that affected him so intensely? Her petite frame was almost dwarfed by the leather recliner she’d curled up in, and this close, he could clearly see the maturity in her features and the wrinkle lines around her eyes and mouth. But his body sang with need, and it took all his effort not to leap across the few feet separating them and tear off that silky top so he could nuzzle at her breasts before coming back up to capture those luscious lips with his own.

“Incredible food,” he said belatedly, and she slanted a quizzical look at him, no doubt because his voice had come out husky.


For more exciting six sentence entries from participating authors, please visit Six Sentence Sunday.

Author interview: Long and Short Romance Reviews

Author interview: Long and Short Romance Reviews

Interviewed by LASR Erotic RomanceI’m being interviewed today at Long and Short Romance, where I’m talking about my new release, Educating Ethan, plus the many ups and downs of writing life.

As well as revealing the weirdest thing I’ve ever done in the name of research (a sex shop was involved), or the most embarrassing thing my mother ever did to me (the words “bowl” and “haircut” come to mind), there’s a chance for you to enter the LASR monthly contest.

Three $10 Gift Cards to Amazon or BN are up for grabs and anyone who leaves a comment on my LASR interview will be entered in the draw.

Educating Ethan, an older woman/younger man romance, is available now from Breathless Press, Amazon and All Romance ebooks.

Here’s the book blurb:

Educating Ethan CoverIda Deloraine intends to build herself a new life and a new catering career, after a painful divorce. When the much younger Ethan Holt moves in across the street, an innocent flirtation quickly becomes serious when the two realise their age difference is no barrier to all-consuming passion. But Ethan is the exact opposite of what Ida is looking for in a sexual partner. In her eyes he is young and vibrant, with his life and his dreams still ahead of him, whereas hers are all in the past. Can Ethan, who is fighting his own demons in the form of a car accident, failed marriage and forced career change, convince Ida to overcome the past and live for the moment? And just who is educating who in this cougar encounter?