Not Vanilla (Voyeurism)

Not Vanilla (Voyeurism)

Not Vanilla - Voyeurism coverThis title is no longer available (as at Sept 30, 2016).

This erotic duo of stories will take you into the intriguing world of the voyeur and exhibitionist.

Watch Me by Jennifer Lynne – Isabel and her sexy neighbor play an erotic game of voyeurism, but what happens when Izzy’s husband discovers her Sunday night secret?

Lookin’ Good by Roz Lee – Travis knows the secret Bailey Rose keeps tucked away deep down inside. Will the gifts he brings be everything her heart desires, or will it tear them apart forever?

Excerpt from WATCH ME (PG-rated)

My hands clutch like claws against the window pane. The glass, frosted by Melbourne’s mid-winter cold, is icy beneath my fingertips. I let the coolness seep into my flesh, grounding me. I am waiting, but he’s late.

We have an arrangement, this neighbor of mine and me. At the start of every working week, late on a Sunday night while the rest of the city sleeps, we play a game. A dangerous, addictive game.

I don’t even know his real name, and yet this game of ours, and his presence in my life, has grown to fill the recent emptiness. It consumes me. He consumes me, but in a good way. I am becoming whole again, thanks to this man and our seductive, secret play.

But it is half past midnight and he is not yet at his post. The window in the apartment across the narrow alleyway is still dark. The red brickwork surround is lit by a street lamp that only serves to enhance the darkness within, making the square appear fathomless. It looks like an empty eyeball socket in a skull whose soul has long departed the physical world.

A thought grips my heart and squeezes painfully. Perhaps he’s grown tired of it all? Perhaps he no longer wishes to play?

A whimper slips from my lips and the resultant breath frosts the glass in front of my face, obscuring my reflection. What will I do to satisfy this insatiable need if he’s not here anymore to fill the void? My shoulders slump and even though I’m reluctant to give up this lonely vigil, I am about to concede when a square of golden warmth lights the window opposite. Just like that, between one click of a switch and the next, my anxiety turns to heady excitement.

Yes! I need this. I need you.

The rest of this story is definitely not PG-rated. Content is suitable for Adult readers only. Thought I’d better point that out! 😉

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