Ice Queen (Gods of Love)

Ice Queen (Gods of Love)

JenniferLynne_IceQueen_800pxWork in progress…

It will take the power of Eros to melt her heart.

When a former sex worker, who has killed to survive, meets the erotic Greek god of desire, sparks fly right from the first moment.

But this ice maiden has been living in the darkness so long her heart and emotions are locked away behind a wall of ice. Can Eros draw upon the erotes and their many aspects of love to help melt Meika’s heart, or has the god king of desire finally met someone beyond even his immortal reach?

This final instalment in the erotic fantasy series, GODS OF LOVE, will be out soon.

Each of the novella-length stories in this series is stand-alone, and they can be read and enjoyed in any order. Find out more about the GODS OF LOVE series or read the previous novellas here.

Here’s an (unedited) excerpt:

The kiss was not at all what she was expecting. There was no roughness, none of the usual lascivious lust or desperate need to couple underlying the connection. Instead his kiss was light and soft and sweet, offering a promise of tomorrow instead of now, the warmth of his lips heating her in an altogether gentle way. His breath was heady and exotic, tasting of mint and melon and a subtle spicy flavor that tantalized her senses, dancing just out of reach of her memory or her understanding. It was the taste of warmth on a spring day, the taste of flowers in full bloom, the freshness of the sea breeze blowing away the dark cobwebs of a murky past. It was sunshine, and emotion, and she was drowning in the delicious heat and flavor of it all.

His tongue danced now with hers, but again, so lightly that it brought to mind the delicate caress of a butterfly’s wings against one’s cheek. She moaned, desperate for more; afraid to go deeper. Terrified it would end and she would never again feel this exquisite sense of coming home.

(copyright Jennifer Lynne)