Immortal Seduction excerpt

Immortal Seduction excerpt

“I want…no, I need you to kiss me, Ashur. I ache with loneliness.”

Her voice touched something deep inside him. It was as if, just for a moment, he knew her loneliness. He knew her. And suddenly, he didn’t want to back away anymore. The memories had driven him for too long. It was exhausting to run from your own needs.

Lifting a hand, he traced the outline of her beautiful face. Those luminous eyes softened in anticipation. Those ruby lips waited for his kiss. That scent, powerful and heady, drew him in to closer proximity, whether he wanted it or not. “Who are you, Aphrodite?”

She turned her cheek toward his palm, snuggling against his cupped hand as if starved of affection. Her skin felt softer than any he’d ever known. “I am the goddess of love and desire,” she said. “Listen to your heart. You already know me, and you will kiss me now.”

It was a command, not a request, and yet the urge slipped over him and gripped too tightly to fight off. Yeah. Hell yeah. He bent his head to capture her ready lips with his own. She was all softness, with a tensile hard strength beneath, both demanding and persuading all at the same time. Her tongue flicked his and the weird sensations washing over him ramped up ten-fold.

Who kissed like this? Dominant one second, then softening into submission the next. I should be the one in control here. He pressed harder, gripped the globes of her butt and squeezed, imagining red finger marks on her alabaster flesh as he thrust into her softness. Desire spiraled at the thought of marking her with his need. Having this woman at his mercy, writhing beneath him, screaming out for release and only achieving it when he gave permission…The crazy images filling his head gave lie to his control and he almost lost his load right then and there.

No. I am in charge this time. Not you. Not anyone else.

Bitterness filled him and he wound his fingers into the long dark hair snaking down her back and pulled, tipping her head to expose the delicate line of her throat. She opened her mouth and husky laughter spilled out. “Is that all you’ve got?”

His erection jerked and grew in his trousers and he knew a spurt of pre-cum had just leaked out to dampen the cotton of his briefs. “I haven’t even started,” he said, and tugged viciously at her tresses, forcing her backward into a deeper arc. The action pointed her breasts skyward and he paused above one long nipple, his breath rasping quickly in and out. What sort of woman had nipples this long? Like miniature phalluses, aiming straight up at his face to proclaim her arousal as obviously as any man.

“I love your eyes.” Her voice was a mere whisper, constricted by his hold.


“They’ve changed from hazel to green now that you’re aroused. And they shine.”

He grunted. “So do yours. Shine, I mean.”

“They always do when someone ignites my interest.”

His grip tightened. It must have been hurting her scalp, but she just lay there compliant beneath him. Eyes shining brighter than ever.

“Don’t you want to taste me, Ash?”

His balls lifted and tightened as desire and self-loathing mingled. Why did the thought of hurting her harden his cock like this? She’d done nothing to deserve it, and he wasn’t like this. Inflicting pain for sexual kicks did not turn him on, so what the hell was happening? He was no more in control of himself now than he had been the last time he’d had sex.

That night. The night he turned everyone’s lives to shit. The urge to scream out his rage and despair against her throat warred with an equally strong need to sink his face between her beautiful breasts and weep.

A ragged breath escaped and he closed his eyes. Control yourself. Control her.

(Copyright Jennifer Lynne)

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